Network Engineering Online Test - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Network Engineering Online Test - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. ________ Algorithm is used in transparent bridges.
    (A) Forward Learning
    (B) Backward Learning
    (C) Reverse Backward Learning
    (D) Reverse Forward Learning

2. Repeater function in the ________ layer.
    (A) Physical
    (B) Data link
    (C) Network
    (D) None of these

3. In _________, each packet of a message need not follow the same path from sender to receiver.
    (A) Circuit switching
    (B) Message switching
    (C) Virtual approach to packet switching
    (D) Datagram approach to packet switching

4. In Hierarchical routing, the routers are divided into what is called as _________
    (A) Zones
    (B) Cells
    (C) Regions
    (D) None of these

5. Sending a packet to all destinations simultaneously is called _________.
    (A) Multicasting 
    (B) Uni-casting
    (C) Telecasting
    (D) Broadcasting

6. Which of the following routing algorithm takes into account the current network load?
    (A) Broadcast
    (B) Shortest path
    (C) Flooding
    (D) Distance vector routing

7. The solution to decrease the load on the network when congestion occurs is _________
    (A) Splitting the traffic over multiple routes
    (B) Increasing the transmission power
    (C) Usage of spare routers
    (D) Denying service to the users

8. Upon receipt of a bad segment, UDP _________
    (A) It does flow control
    (B) It does error control
    (C) Retransmission
    (D) It does not do flow and error control

9. The address field of a frame in HDLC protocol contains the address of the _________ station.
    (A) Primary
    (B) Secondary
    (C) Tertiary
    (D) A station

10. Flow control policy is implemented in __________
    (A) Network layer
    (B) Transport layer
    (C) Application layer
    (D) Physical layer

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