Networking Multiple Choice Questions - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Networking Multiple Choice Questions - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. In AODV routing algorithm for MANETs, the route is discovered at time
    (A) Only when the network is established
    (B) In middle of the transmission
    (C) When there is a need for route by the host
    (D) When there is no need for route by the host

2. In distance vector routing algorithm, each router maintains a separate routing table with the following entries.
    (A) Preferred input line, estimated time
    (B) Preferred input line, estimated distance
    (C) Preferred output line, estimated time
    (D) Preferred output line, router

3. A well defined groups that are numerically large in size but small compared to the network as a whole are used in __________.
    (A) Unicast routing
    (B) Multicast routing
    (C) Broadcast routing
    (D) Telecast routing

4. ________ do not base their routing decisions on measurements or estimates of the current traffic and topology.
    (A) Non adaptive algorithms
    (B) Adaptive algorithms
    (C) Static algorithms
    (D) Recursive algorithms

5. Adaptive routing algorithms get their information from __________
    (A) Only from local environment
    (B) Only from adjacent routers
    (C) From locally, adjacent, external routers
    (D) Only from external routers

6. For a connection oriented service, we need a _________
    (A) Virtual circuit subnet
    (B) Short circuit subnet
    (C) Datagram subnet
    (D) Wireless subnet

7. The _________ of A TSI controls the order of delivering of slot values that are stored in RAM.
    (A) Cross bar
    (B) Cross point
    (C) Control unit
    (D) Transceiver

8. FDDI is an acronym for _________
    (A) Fast data delivery interface
    (B) Fiber distributed data interface
    (C) Fiber distributed digital interface 
    (D) Fast distributed data interface

9. For applications such as audio and video streaming, the variation in the packet arrival times is called __________
    (A) Random early detection
    (B) Jitter
    (C) Delay difference
    (D) Load shedding

10. Time out determination policy is used in _________
    (A) Network layer
    (B) Data link layer
    (C) Transport layer
    (D) Application layer

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