Quiz Test Hardware Engineering - Set 13 - ObjectiveBooks

Quiz Test Hardware Engineering - Set 13

Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?
    (A) ROM BIOS
    (B) CPU
    (C) Boot.ini

2. A dialog box with a bomb appears on a Macintosh screen. What type of problem has occurred?
    (A) A RAM problem
    (B) A software problem
    (C) A ROM problem
    (D) An ADB problem

3. What device prevents power interruptions, resulting in corrupted data?
    (A) Battery back-up unit
    (B) Surge protector
    (C) Multiple SIMMs strips
    (D) Data guard system

4. The digital multimeter is set for DC, Ohm and 20k. You will read _________ while measuring a good 2 amp fuse.
    (A) 0.00
    (B) 0.02
    (C) 0.20
    (D) 2.00

5. Which Motherboard form factor uses one 20 pin connector?
    (A) ATX
    (B) AT
    (C) BABY AT
    (D) All of the above

6. What would you ask to determine if the display is working?
    (A) Is there a video cursor or action on the screen?
    (B) Did the computer beep or chime?
    (C) Is there high voltage static on the screen?
    (D) All of the above

7. The acronym HDI stands for:
    (A) Half duplex interface
    (B) Hard disk interface
    (C) Head to disk interference
    (D) Help desk interference

8. Which of the following would be a logical first step in troubleshooting a PC?
    (A) Check the computer CMOS
    (B) Define the circumstances of the problem
    (C) Call the vendor
    (D) Define what applications are being used

9. ESD would cause the most damage to which component?
    (A) Power supply
    (B) Expansion board
    (C) Monitor
    (D) Keyboard

10. When connecting a ribbon cable to a connector, how do you know which direction to plug it in?
    (A) The red line in the cable goes to the highest pin number
    (B) The colored line in the cable goes to pin #1
    (C) It does not matter
    (D) The blue or red line in the cable goes away from the power connector

11. What allows you to print on both sides of the printer?
    (A) Fuser
    (B) Duplexer
    (C) Toner cartridge
    (D) Paper-swapping unit

12. SCSI must be terminated with?
    (A) Dip switch
    (B) Resistor
    (C) BNC
    (D) None of the above

13. The mouse pointer moves erratically, what is the possible cause? The mouse
    (A) Ball is dirty
    (B) Is not connected
    (C) Driver is not installed properly
    (D) Has an incorrect IRQ setting

14. When configuring is a network interface cards without jumpers or plug and play, what is used to set the IRQs?
    (A) DMA
    (B) CMOS
    (C) The OS
    (D) Configuration software

15. How many DMA channels are in an AT-machine?
    (A) 3
    (B) 4
    (C) 7
    (D) 8

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