Software Engineering Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Software Engineering Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 03

Quiz Questions - Set 03

01. Sending a file from your personal computer's primary memory or disk to another computer is called

02. A communications medium that uses pulses of laser light in glass fibers. Select the best fit for answer:

03. The electronic component that has been the key to recent developments in automation is the:

04. A way to transfer programs to a central system is:

05. Overloaded functions are required to

06. Which of the following, is necessary to work on a computer

07. A drum timer is a good example of:

08. The number of records contained within a block of data on magnetic tape is defined by the

09. Invoices are deleted from the invoice detail file by the

10. Software is:

11. A condition that led to the development of databases was

12. The workspace required for a robot:

13. Which is the most widely used semiconductor?

14. In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called

15. In CRC the quotient at the sender

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