Welded & Riveted Joints Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Welded & Riveted Joints Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. The transverse fillet welds are designed for
    (A) Tensile strength
    (B) Shear strength
    (C) Bending strength
    (D) Compressive strength

2. The holes in the plates for riveted joint are made by
    (A) Flame cutting
    (B) Turning
    (C) Punching and drilling
    (D) Reaming

3. Rivets are usually made of
    (A) Conformable material
    (B) Hard material
    (C) Brittle material
    (D) Ductile material

4. The edges of boiler plates for fullering and caulking are beveled at an angle of
    (A) 450
    (B) 600
    (C) 700 to 750
    (D) 300

5. The strength of solid plate per pitch length is given by
    (A) ptσt
    (B) pdσt
    (C) p (d - t) σt
    (D) 2ptσt

6. In fusion welding process
    (A) Only heat is used
    (B) Only pressure is used
    (C) Combination of heat and pressure is used
    (D) All three methods are used

7. When mild steel components are welded, the ratio of strength of the weld material to that of parent body is
    (A) More than one
    (B) Less than one
    (C) Equal to one
    (D) None of the three

8. Flat head rivets are used in
    (A) Ship hulls
    (B) Light sheet metal work
    (C) Structural work
    (D) Air conditioning ducts

9. The principle of applying heat and pressure is used in
    (A) Spot welding
    (B) Seam welding
    (C) Electric resistance welding
    (D) All three methods

10. A rivet is specified by
    (A) Shank diameter
    (B) Length of rivet
    (C) Type of head
    (D) Material of rivet

11. The distance between the edge of plate and the centerline of rivets in the nearest row is called
    (A) Pitch
    (B) Margin
    (C) Transverse pitch
    (D) Diagonal pitch

12. In single riveted lap joint, the rivet is subjected to
    (A) Double shear
    (B) Single shear
    (C) Either single or double shear
    (D) Tensile stress

13. The purpose of circumferential lap joint in boiler shell is
    (A) To make cylindrical ring from steel plate
    (B) To increase the length of boiler shell by connecting one ring to another
    (C) To make diameter and length of boiler shell
    (D) To connect openings to shell

14. The weakest plane in a fillet weld is
    (A) The throat
    (B) Side parallel to the force
    (C) Smaller of two sides
    (D) Side normal to the force

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