Basic Chemical Engineering Interview Questions Answers - Set 28 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Chemical Engineering Interview Questions Answers - Set 28

Practice Test: Question Set - 28

1. A jet engine turbine blade is normally manufactured by
    (A) Forging
    (B) Shell moulding
    (C) Investment casting
    (D) Pressure die casting

2. If a nuclear reactor produces more fissile nuclear fuel than it consumes, then it is called a __________ reactor.
    (A) Critical
    (B) Breeder
    (C) Fertile
    (D) Heterogeneous

3. X-rays are
    (A) Positively charged
    (B) Negatively charged
    (C) Neutral
    (D) Of higher wavelength than visible light

4. Aluminium is extracted from
    (A) Chalcocite
    (B) Bauxite
    (C) Galena
    (D) None of these

5. In extrusion of metals, which of the following statement is true?
    (A) Speed of the extruded material is same as that of ram speed
    (B) Redundant work is a function of the die angle
    (C) Relative motion between the billet surface and the container wall is always present
    (D) Hollow ram is used for indirect extrusion

6. Out of the following, the joint produced by __________ has the lowest strength.
    (A) Soldering
    (B) Welding
    (C) Brazing
    (D) Riveting

7. __________ fluid force is not considered in the Navier-Stokes equation.
    (A) Turbulent
    (B) Viscous
    (C) Gravity
    (D) Pressure

8. Copper deposits are found in India at the following location:
    (A) Kudremukh
    (B) Kolar
    (C) Khetri
    (D) Ramagundam

9. The most important consideration in value engineering is the
    (A) Profit maximisation
    (B) Customer satisfaction
    (C) Cost reduction
    (D) Process improvement

10. Which of the following is an undesirable property of slag produced during the Pyrometallurgical method of metal extraction from its ore?
    (A) High fusibility & fluidity
    (B) High thermal conductivity
    (C) Low density
    (D) High chemical activity

11. Which of the following is not an explosive?
    (A) TNT
    (B) CMC
    (C) RDX
    (D) Lead azide

12. Dies for wire drawing are generally made of
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) Stainless steel
    (C) Carbides
    (D) High carbon steel

13. 'Ice point' is designated on Fahrenheit temperature scale by
    (A) 0°
    (B) 32°
    (C) 62°
    (D) 212°

14. Auto collimator is used to check
    (A) Flatness
    (B) Angle
    (C) Rotor balancing
    (D) Roughness

15. Maximum consumption of limestone is in the __________ industry.
    (A) Iron and steel
    (B) Cement
    (C) Glass
    (D) Fertilizer

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