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Basic Programming Language Download Online Test - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. To use one of the C++ built-in mathematical functions, you must include the _______ header file in your program
    (A) calculation.h
    (B) compute.h
    (C) expression.h
    (D) math.h

2. The expression c = i++ causes
    (A) The value of i assigned to c and then i incremented by 1
    (B) i to be incremented by 1 and then the value of i assigned to c
    (C) Value of i assigned to c
    (D) i to be incremented by 1

3. Any #include files may contain
    (A) Constants
    (B) Variables
    (C) Functions
    (D) All of the above

4. Which of the following statements will display the word "Hello" on the computer screen?
    (A) cin << "Hello";
    (B) cin >> "Hello";
    (C) cout << "Hello";
    (D) cout >> "Hello";

5. A function can make________
    (A) One throw
    (B) One throw of each scalar type
    (C) One throw of each programmer-defined type
    (D) As many throws of as many types as necessary

6. The getline() function reads a line of text until _______
    (A) The length used as the second argument is reached
    (B) The character used as the third argument is reached
    (C) Either (a) or (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

7. Which of the following is a C++ object?
    (A) cin
    (B) >> 
    (C) iostream
    (D) read()

8. Object-oriented programmers primarily focus on _________
    (A) Procedures to be performed
    (B) The step-by-step statements needed to solve a problem
    (C) Objects and the tasks that must be performed with those objects
    (D) The physical orientation of objects within a program

9. The two parts of a function are the
    (A) Header and footer
    (B) Declarations and statements
    (C) Legs and feet
    (D) Header and body

10. The compiler converts your C++ instructions into _______
    (A) Edited code
    (B) Object code
    (C) Source code
    (D) Translated code

11. A function's purpose is to print customer data. Which of the following is the best name for this function?
    (A) pcd(). It's short for "print customer data" and takes few keystrokes
    (B) Printcustomerdata(). It states everything the function will do
    (C) printCustomer(). It states the function's purpose and is easy to read
    (D) lastFunction(). It is the final function called in most programs, and this name identifies the function's timing

12. Software that can be used in applications other than the one for which it was originally written is called
    (A) Recyclable
    (B) Inherited
    (C) Reusable
    (D) Cheating

13. A normal C++ operator that acts in special ways on newly defined data types is said to be
    (A) Glorified
    (B) Encapsulated
    (C) Classified
    (D) Overloaded

14. In the expression p --> val,p is a(n)
    (A) Address
    (B) Pointer
    (C) Structure
    (D) Header

15. A class hierarchy
    (A) Describes "is a kind of" relationships
    (B) Describes "has a" relationships
    (C) Shows the same relationships as an organization chart
    (D) Shows the same relationships as a family tree

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