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Basic Programming Software Online Test - Set 20

Practice Test: Question Set - 20

1. The base class for most stream classes is the _______ class
    (A) ios
    (B) out
    (C) in
    (D) app

2. When the function char someFunction(int x) is executed,
    (A) It will throw nothing
    (B) It will throw an integer
    (C) It will throw a character
    (D) It may or may not throw anything

3. Which of the following, if any, are valid names for variables?
    (A) amt.Sold
    (B) amt-Sold
    (C) amt_Sold
    (D) None of the above are valid names for variables

4. In a class specifier, data or functions designated private are accessible
    (A) To any function in the program
    (B) Only if you know the password
    (C) To member functions of that class
    (D) Only to public members of the class

5. If you want to override constructor default values for an object you are instantiating, you must also override
    (A) All other parameters to that constructor
    (B) All parameters to the left of that value
    (C) All parameters to the right of that value
    (D) No other parameters to that constructor

6. Which of the following instructions tells C++ to merge the source code from the iostream.h file into the current file?
    (A) #include <iostream.h>
    (B) #include iostream.h
    (C) #include <iostream.h>
    (D) None of the above

7. Which of the following statements is true?
    (A) Data coupling is tighter than pathological coupling
    (B) Common coupling is looser than data coupling
    (C) Data-structured coupling is looser than control coupling
    (D) Control coupling is looser than data coupling

8. If an exception is thrown and no catch block matches the type of the thrown parameter, then _______
    (A) The program terminates
    (B) The first catch block is executed
    (C) The last catch block is executed
    (D) The program proceeds with the code following the catch blocks

9. The right shift operator is represented by the symbol
    (A) >
    (B) >> 
    (C) ->
    (D) <

10. In a C++ program, which of the following can be thrown?
    (A) Scalar variables
    (B) Programmer-defined objects
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

11. Which of the following statements creates a named constant called driverAge whose value is 16?
    (A) const driverAge = 16;
    (B) const short driverAge = 16;
    (C) driverAge =16;
    (D) namedconst driverAge =16;

12. You can code a default exception handler by creating a catch block
    (A) With no arguments
    (B) With a void argument
    (C) With an ellipsis as its argument
    (D) With an argument identical to that thrown

13. Errors in a program are called
    (A) Accidents
    (B) Annoyances
    (C) Bugs
    (D) Mistakes

14. A(n) _______ is a numeric variable used for counting something
    (A) Accumulator
    (B) Adder
    (C) Constant
    (D) Counter

15. The operator that releases previously allocated memory is ________
    (A) Release
    (B) Return
    (C) Delete
    (D) Destroy

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