Basics of Chemical Engineering Concepts pdf MCQ Practice - Set 13 - ObjectiveBooks

Basics of Chemical Engineering Concepts pdf MCQ Practice - Set 13

Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. Which of the following varies as the square root of oil pressure during atomisation of fuel oil through a pressure jet burner?
    (A) Output & fineness
    (B) Velocity
    (C) Both (a) & (b)
    (D) None of these

2. Unit of viscosity in CGS system is
    (A) gm .cm-1 sec-1
    (B) gm . cm2 . sec-2
    (C) gm .cm-2. sec-1
    (D) gm . cm . sec-1

3. The value of y = cp/cv. at < 500°C for air & most common gases can be safely assumed to be
    (A) 0.8
    (B) 1
    (C) 1.4
    (D) 1.8

4. The refractory lining of the bottom in a basic electric arc furnace is made of
    (A) Silica
    (B) Alumina
    (C) Magnesia
    (D) Fireclay

5. 'Cryogenics' is concerned with the generation & use of low temperature in the range of
    (A) 0°K to 123°K
    (B) 0°C to - 123°C
    (C) 0°C to - 273°C
    (D) 0°K to 273°K

6. The specific gravity of coal depends mainly on its __________ content.
    (A) Carbon
    (B) Volatile matter
    (C) Ash
    (D) Moisture

7. The heat of neutralization remains constant, when there is a reaction between dilute solutions of strong
    (A) Base and strong acid
    (B) Base and weak acid
    (C) Acid and weak base
    (D) None of these

8. In practice, the compression ratio of compression-ignition (CI) engine ranges from
    (A) 15 to 25
    (B) 5 to 10
    (C) 40 to 55
    (D) 60 to 70

9. Carbon is present in the form of _________ in grey cast iron.
    (A) Spheroids
    (B) Nodular aggregates of graphite
    (C) Flakes
    (D) Cementite

10. Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
    (A) Manganese
    (B) Magnesium
    (C) Vanadium
    (D) Copper

11. Spherical shape of mercury droplets is due to its
    (A) High viscosity
    (B) Low surface tension
    (C) High density
    (D) High surface tension

12. With increase in temperature, the surface tension of water
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remain constant
    (D) Increases linearly

13. Increase in the entropy of a system represents the
    (A) Degradation of energy
    (B) Decrease in system pressure
    (C) Increase in the availability of energy
    (D) Increase in the temperature

14. Compressed dry air is used as the cutting fluid, while machining
    (A) Steel
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Aluminium
    (D) None of these

15. Minimum number of members required to form a Public Limited Joint Stock Company is
    (A) 7
    (B) 10
    (C) 12
    (D) 17

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