BE Chemical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

BE Chemical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. Corona discharge is related to the operation of a/an
    (A) Induction motor
    (B) Electrostatic precipitator
    (C) Fast breeder reactor
    (D) Magneto hydrodynamic generator (MHD)

2. With increase in annealing temperature, the following defect density decreases.
    (A) Vacancy
    (B) Dislocation
    (C) Grain boundary
    (D) All of these

3. Minimum thermal efficiency of a steam boiler may be around __________ percent
    (A) 25
    (B) 45
    (C) 65
    (D) 20

4. The leaching solvent used in Baeyer's process for the purification of bauxite is
    (A) Ammonium hydroxide
    (B) Sodium carbonate
    (C) Sodium hydroxide
    (D) Ammonium carbonate

5. Eutectic reaction for iron-carbon system occurs at a temperature of _________ °C.
    (A) 723
    (B) 959
    (C) 1147
    (D) 1493

6. Boiling point of water gets lowered at high altitudes (e.g., hills), because
    (A) Temperature is low
    (B) Atmospheric pressure is low
    (C) Atmospheric pressure is high
    (D) None of these

7. Consider the equilibrium A(g) + B(g) = AB(g). When the partial pressure of A is 10-2 atm, the partial pressure of B is 10-3 atm and the partial pressure of AB is 1 atm, the equilibrium constant 'K' is
    (A) 10 atm-1
    (B) 105 atm-1
    (C) 10 (dimensionless)
    (D) 105 (dimensionless)

8. The process of removal of scale formed during hot rolling of steel is termed as
    (A) Descaling
    (B) Shot blasting
    (C) Pickling
    (D) Skimming

9. Tesla meter per ampere (Tm/A) is the unit for the measurement of
    (A) Magnetic susceptibility
    (B) Magnetic moment
    (C) Permeability of free space
    (D) Flux density

10. Alcohols are not suitable as diesel engine fuel because the cetane number of alcohols is
    (A) Very low which prevents their ignition by compression
    (B) Very high which prevents their ignition by compression
    (C) Zero
    (D) None of these

11. The joint for soldering is supported by binding wire made of
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) Copper
    (C) Soft iron
    (D) Stainless steel

12. Which of the following is used to produce draught in the locomotive boilers?
    (A) Chimney
    (B) Induced draught fan
    (C) Forced draught fan
    (D) Steam jet arrangement

13. The bolt is subjected to _________ when the nut is tightened by putting the washer beneath it.
    (A) Tension
    (B) Shear
    (C) Compression
    (D) Bending & tension

14. Which of the following materials has the least scrap value?
    (A) Aluminium
    (B) Stainless steel
    (C) Brass
    (D) Copper

15. Temperature profile along the length of a gas-gas counter flow heat exchanger is correctly represented by

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