C Programming Book for Exam Preparation Online - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

C Programming Book for Exam Preparation Online - Set 08

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. Element doubleArray[7] is which element of the array?
    (A) The sixth
    (B) The seventh
    (C) The eighth
    (D) Impossible to tell

2. The rules of a programming language are called its ________
    (A) Code
    (B) Guidelines
    (C) Procedures
    (D) Syntax

3. The cout << sales[0] + sales[1]; statement will ________
    (A) Display 22000
    (B) Display 10000 + 12000
    (C) Display sales[0] + sales[l]
    (D) Result in an error

4. Which of the following is the insertion operator?
    (A) >> 
    (B) << 
    (C) //
    (D) /*

5. Which of the following tells C++ to display numbers with two decimal places?
    (A) setdecimal(2)
    (B) setiosflags(2)
    (C) setiosflags(2.00)
    (D) setprecision(2)

6. To pass an array by reference, you
    (A) Must include the address-of (&) operator before the array's name
    (B) Must include the number symbol (#) before the array's name
    (C) Do not have to do anything because arrays are automatically passed by reference
    (D) None of the above

7. Many programmers separate a class into two files: _______
    (A) One for the declarations and one for the implementations
    (B) One for the void functions and one for the other functions
    (C) One for the public data and one for the private data
    (D) One for the primary functions and one for the auxiliary functions

8. When you write to a file rather than the screen, you use the C++ class _______
    (A) iostream
    (B) filed
    (C) fstream
    (D) diskclass

9. Which function is most likely to have procedural cohesion?
    (A) main()
    (B) findSquareRoot()
    (C) getSaleSubtractDiscountAddTax()
    (D) openFiles()

10. If two types of errors may be thrown, you should write _______
    (A) No catch blocks
    (B) One catch block with two arguments
    (C) Two catch block-one with an argument, and one without
    (D) Two catch blocks with one argument each

11. A(n) _______ is always incremented by a constant amount, whereas a(n) _______ is incremented by an amount that varies
    (A) Accumulator, counter
    (B) Counter, accumulator
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of these

12. An array element is accessed using
    (A) A first-in-first-out approach
    (B) The dot operator
    (C) A member name
    (D) An index number

13. If you want only one memory location to be reserved for a class variable, no matter how many objects are instantiated, you should declare the variable as
    (A) Static
    (B) Unary
    (C) Dynamic
    (D) Volatile

14. We can output text to an object of class of stream using the insertion operator « because
    (A) The of stream class is a stream
    (B) The insertion operator works with all classes
    (C) We are actually outputting to cout
    (D) The insertion operator is overloaded in ofstream

15. Assume that your version of C++ can recognize only the first 8 characters of an identifier name, through identifier names may be arbitrarily long. Which of the following identifier names is not distinct?
    (A) list, list2
    (B) address, Address
    (C) identifier_l, identifier_2
    (D) answer, ANSWER

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