C Programming Software Language Online Test - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

C Programming Software Language Online Test - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. 3 is a _______ constant
    (A) Character literal
    (B) Named literal
    (C) Numeric literal
    (D) String literal

2. Using a statement at the wrong time or with an inappropriate object creates a
    (A) Logical error
    (B) Syntax error
    (C) Compiler error
    (D) Language error

3. The bitwise AND operator is represented by the symbol
    (A) ^
    (B) &
    (C) &&
    (D) >> 

4. The extraction operator >> is a(n)
    (A) Overloaded function
    (B) C++ class
    (C) C++ object
    (D) Static reference variable

5. A function in a derived class that has the same name as a function in the parent class
    (A) Will override the base class function
    (B) Will cause an error message to display
    (C) Will be overridden by the base class function
    (D) Will execute immediately often the base class function executes

6. A pointer to void can hold pointers to
    (A) Char type
    (B) int type
    (C) Float type
    (D) Any data type

7. The statement double total = 0.0; performs ________
    (A) Assignment
    (B) Initialization
    (C) Rationalization
    (D) Polymorphism

8. The scope resolution operator is
    (A) A comma
    (B) A semicolon
    (C) A colon
    (D) Two colons

9. You indicate a variable is a pointer variable by placing a(n) _______ in front of the variable's name
    (A) Asterisk
    (B) Ampersand
    (C) Dollar sign
    (D) Exclamation point

10. The function stricmp("Jose", "JOSE") will return ________
    (A) - 1
    (B) 0
    (C) 1
    (D) None of the above

11. The feature in object-oriented programming that allows the same operation to be carried out differently, depending on the object, is_______
    (A) Inheritance
    (B) Polymorphism
    (C) Over-functioning
    (D) Overriding

12. Which of the following statements declares a one-dimensional Character array named item that consists of five elements?
    (A) char item[0 to 4] = "";
    (B) char item[0 to 5] = "";
    (C) char item[4] = "";
    (D) char item[5] = "";

13. When you instantiate a derived class object, a constructor for the derived class ________
    (A) Is not called
    (B) Is called prior to the base class constructor
    (C) Is called simultaneously with the base class constructor
    (D) None of the above

14. If you want to override constructor default values for an object you are instantiating, you must also override
    (A) All other parameters to that constructor
    (B) All parameters to the left of that value
    (C) All parameters to the right of that value
    (D) No other parameters to that constructor

15. In a template function, _______ argument is generic, or parameterized
    (A) No
    (B) Exactly one
    (C) At least one
    (D) More than one

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