C Test framework MCQ Online Practice - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

C Test framework MCQ Online Practice - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. Recursive Functions
    (A) Easier to code
    (B) Executable faster than iterative ones
    (C) Takes less main storage space
    (D) Necessary to solve a certain class of problems

2. The preprocessor directive always starts with the symbol
    (A) %
    (B) &
    (C) #
    (D) ""

3. A child class _______ exist if there is no parent class
    (A) Must
    (B) May
    (C) Cannot
    (D) Can

4. Which of the following C++ expressions is equivalent to the mathematical expression 53?
    (A) 5 ^ 3
    (B) cube(5)
    (C) pow (3, 5)
    (D) pow(5, 3)

5. Which of the following can be used to declare the main function?
    (A) void main
    (B) void Main()
    (C) void main()
    (D) main

6. With commercial classes, the function source code is usually________
    (A) Printed on high-quality paper
    (B) Poorly written
    (C) Provided on a disk
    (D) Provided in object form

7. The actual arguments cannot he
    (A) A constant or a variable
    (B) Of a different type from the corresponding formal arguments
    (C) Other functions
    (D) Expressions

8. The highest level of cohesion is
    (A) Functional cohesion
    (B) Temporal cohesion
    (C) Logical cohesion
    (D) Sequential cohesion

9. Which of the following creates a String named constant called partNo, whose value is AB45?
    (A) const char[4] partNo = "AB45";
    (B) const char[5] partNo = 'AB45';
    (C) const char[5] partNo = "AB45";
    (D) const char partNo[5] = "AB45";

10. A function argument is
    (A) A variable in the function that receives a value from the calling program
    (B) A way that functions resist accepting the calling program's values
    (C) A value sent to the function by the calling program
    (D) A value returned by the function to the calling program

11. The first element in a string is
    (A) The name of the string
    (B) The first character in the string
    (C) The length of the string
    (D) The name of the array holding the string

12. When a multidimensional array is accessed, each array index is
    (A) Separated by commas
    (B) Surrounded by brackets and separated by commas
    (C) Separated by commas and surrounded by brackets
    (D) Surrounded by brackets

13. Passing a variable pointer as a constant ________
    (A) Protects the contents pointed to by the pointer from change
    (B) Eliminates the need to name the pointer in the function
    (C) Eliminates the need to give the pointer a type in the function
    (D) Causes a copy of the pointer to be produced in the function

14. Assume that a program includes the short *agePtr = NULL; statement. The name of the pointer is _______
    (A) *agePtr
    (B) agePtr
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of the above

15. When a break statement is used in a loop, the control skips the rest of the statements in the loop after it and jumps
    (A) To the last lines in the program
    (B) To the next statement written after the body of the loop
    (C) To the first statement in the body of the loop
    (D) None of the above

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