Chemical Engineering Basic Questions and Answers - Set 36 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Basic Questions and Answers - Set 36

Practice Test: Question Set - 36

1. The product of a commercial direct reduction process is
    (A) Liquid iron
    (B) Solid iron
    (C) Sponge iron
    (D) Iron saturated with carbon

2. For the irreversible reaction, Ca+ 2C = Ca C2 , Δ H°298 = - 60000 J . mole-1 . If a system initially containing 2 moles of calcium, 3 moles of carbon and 1 mole of calcium carbide is allowed to react to completion, the heat evolved at 298 K will be
    (A) 30,000 J
    (B) 60,000 J
    (C) 90,000 J
    (D) 2,40,000 J

3. A 2 kg object weighs 1.8 kgf on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at that location in m/sec2 is
    (A) 8.82
    (B) 9.81
    (C) 10.88
    (D) 0.95

4. Cascade control is
    (A) The continuous adjustment of the set point index of an automatic control loop by a primary (master) controller
    (B) Used when changes in process conditions cause serious upsets in the controlled variable
    (C) Useful to control flow from temperature
    (D) All 'a', 'b' & 'c'

5. When the wet steam is throttled but still remains wet at the exit of the throttle valve, then its temperature & dryness fraction respectively
    (A) Decreases & increases
    (B) Increases & increases
    (C) Increases & decreases
    (D) Decreases & decreases

6. Catalyst used in the catalytic converter employed in automobiles to convert CO into CO2 and for complete oxidation of un-burnt hydrocarbons is
    (A) Nickel
    (B) Cobalt
    (C) Vanadium
    (D) Platinum

7. Which of the following performance characteristics of a S.I engine is not affected by the front end volatility of the petrol used?
    (A) Vapor locking
    (B) Hot starting
    (C) Spark plug fouling
    (D) All 'a', 'b' & 'c'

8. Stellite is a __________ material.
    (A) Ferrous
    (B) Ceramic
    (C) Cemented carbide
    (D) Non-ferrous cast alloy cutting tool

9. Consideration of the creep is the most important in case of the
    (A) Blades of gas turbine
    (B) Piston of an I. C. engine
    (C) Flywheel of steam engine
    (D) Cycle chain

10. __________ number determines whether the fluid flow in an open channel is supercritical, critical or sub-critical.
    (A) Mach
    (B) Reynolds
    (C) Froude
    (D) Weber

11. Fine grained steels have
    (A) High brittleness
    (B) Higher tendency to distort
    (C) High ductility
    (D) None of these

12. Spheroidising of a material is a/an __________ process.
    (A) Normalizing
    (B) Annealing
    (C) Tempering
    (D) Hardening

13. If Reynolds number is greater than 1, then the
    (A) Viscous force is larger than the inertia force
    (B) Inertia force is larger than the viscous force
    (C) Inertia force is larger than the surface tension force
    (D) Inertia force is larger than the gravitational force

14. Pearlite comprises of
    (A) 87% cementite & 13% Fe
    (B) 87% ferrite & 13% cementite
    (C) 93.33% ferrite & 6.67% C
    (D) 87% ferrite & 13% C

15. Normalizing of an object does not
    (A) Refine coarse grain structure obtained during hot working
    (B) Improve ductility
    (C) Improve yield strength
    (D) Improve mechanical properties

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