Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs - Set 38 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Basics MCQs - Set 38

Practice Test: Question Set - 38

1. Use of water as a manometric liquid suffers from the disadvantage of its
    (A) Low vapor pressure
    (B) Corrosive nature
    (C) High vapor pressure
    (D) High boiling point

2. Steam condenser tubes are made of admiralty brass, in which percentage of zinc & copper are __________ respectively.
    (A) 70 & 30
    (B) 30 & 70
    (C) 50 & 50
    (D) 90 & 10

3. Iron content in Indian iron ore is about __________ percent.
    (A) 80-85
    (B) 60-65
    (C) 40-45
    (D) 20-25

4. Heat release during phase change is observed in case of a/an
    (A) Boiler
    (B) Condenser
    (C) Evaporator
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

5. Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when the
    (A) Metal changes from liquid state to solid state at freezing temperature
    (B) Solid phase temperature drops from freezing temperature to the room temperature
    (C) Liquid metal temperature drops from pouring temperature to room temperature
    (D) Liquid metal temperature drops from pouring temperature to freezing temperature

6. Carbon supply in pack carburizing process is in the form of
    (A) Charcoal
    (B) Calcium carbide
    (C) Hydrocarbon oil
    (D) Graphite

7. __________ of austenite decreases the hardenability in steel.
    (A) Fine grains
    (B) Coarse grains
    (C) Homogeneity
    (D) Dissolved elements (except cobalt)

8. Function of gear box is to
    (A) Reduce the speed
    (B) Obtain variable speed
    (C) Increase the speed
    (D) Produce high torque

9. Capacity & power requirement for an air compressor working at high altitude compared to sea-level will be
    (A) More
    (B) Less
    (C) Same
    (D) Either more or less; depends on the climatic conditions

10. During sensible cooling of air, its wet bulb temperature
    (A) Decreases but dew point remains constant
    (B) Increases but dew point remains constant
    (C) Increases & the dew point decreases
    (D) Decreases & the dew point increases

11. Desalination of water
    (A) Makes it potable
    (B) Makes it non-potable
    (C) Means distillation of water
    (D) None of these

12. During sensible heating of humid air
    (A) Relative humidity increases
    (B) Dew point remains constant
    (C) Dry bulb & wet bulb temperature increases
    (D) Both 'b' & 'c'

13. __________ is a non volatile film forming constituent of a paint.
    (A) Thinner
    (B) Dryer
    (C) Drying oil
    (D) None of these

14. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is proportional to (where, k = Thermal conductivity)
    (A) 1/k
    (B) k
    (C) k2
    (D) 1/k2

15. The mechanism involved in the removal of metal in drilling operation is by
    (A) Compression
    (B) Extrusion
    (C) Shearing
    (D) Both 'b' & 'c'

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