Chemical Engineering Objective Questions pdf - Set 40 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Objective Questions pdf - Set 40

Practice Test: Question Set - 40

1. Half life of a radioactive isotope corresponds to the time required for half of the __________ to decay.
    (A) Atoms
    (B) Neutrons
    (C) Nucleons
    (D) Electrons

2. The approximate height of a blast furnace having a useful volume of 2000 m3 is about __________ meters
    (A) 25
    (B) 35
    (C) 55
    (D) 75

3. Which of the following mainly decides the current to be employed is arc welding?
    (A) Electrode size
    (B) Plate thickness
    (C) Voltage across the arc
    (D) Welded portion length

4. Main constituent of bone ash is
    (A) Ammonium phosphate
    (B) Calcium phosphate
    (C) Animal charcoal
    (D) Ammonium sulphate

5. Probability of cavitation occurring becomes very high, when the local __________ resulting in water bubbles formation, which on rupture cause cavitation
    (A) Pressure falls below the vapor pressure
    (B) Pressure becomes very high
    (C) Temperature becomes low
    (D) All 'a', 'b' & 'c'

6. Isotropic materials have the same __________ in all directions.
    (A) Induced stresses
    (B) Density
    (C) Elastic properties
    (D) Thermal properties

7. In the diving apparatus, helium is used along with oxygen, because it is
    (A) Easily available
    (B) Not soluble in blood at high pressure
    (C) Lighter than nitrogen
    (D) Completely miscible with oxygen

8. Projection welding & stud welding is categorized as the __________ welding.
    (A) Pressure
    (B) Thermit
    (C) Resistance
    (D) Arc

9. Water hammer is caused in steam carrying pipelines, because of
    (A) Partial condensation of steam
    (B) Vibration of the pipeline
    (C) High degree of superheat of steam
    (D) Its exposure to torrential rain

10. The following thermocouple may be used for measuring temperature upto 1873°K.
    (A) Chromel-alumel
    (B) Copper-constantan
    (C) Platinum-platinum rhodium
    (D) Iron-constantan

11. Hot dipping process is used for coating a low melting point metal (e.g. Pb, Sn, Zn) on iron, steel & copper having relatively higher melting points. Which of the following is not a hot dipping process?
    (A) Galvanizing
    (B) Tinning
    (C) Sherardizing
    (D) None of these

12. Drossing is a __________ operation.
    (A) Smelting
    (B) Dressing
    (C) Roasting
    (D) Pressing

13. The underground well of a biogas plant is called the
    (A) Septic tank
    (B) Oxidation well
    (C) Digestor
    (D) Lagoon

14. Lead pencil contains
    (A) Graphite
    (B) Lead sulphide
    (C) Lead
    (D) Both (b) & (c)

15. A fire tube boiler is limited to a maximum steam pressure of about __________ kg/cm2.
    (A) 6
    (B) 18
    (C) 38
    (D) 52

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