Computer Based Test Computer Electronics - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Based Test Computer Electronics - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. An inverter is also called a _______ gate.
    (A) NOT
    (B) OR
    (C) AND
    (D) NAND

2. Which of the following electronic component is not found in ordinary ICs?
    (A) Diodes
    (B) Resistors
    (C) Transistors
    (D) Inductors

3. Which of the following flip-flops is free from race around problem?
    (A) T flip-flop
    (B) SR flip-flop
    (C) Master slave JK flip-flop
    (D) None of the above

4. Convert the 1000 0000 0000 1111 signed binary number to decimal number.
    (A) +15
    (B) -15
    (C) -30
    (D) +30

5. Conversion of an octal number 1128 to hexadecimal number is
    (A) 4A16
    (B) 5A16
    (C) 1516
    (D) 2016

6. _______ has become the most widely used bipolar family.
    (A) DTL
    (B) TTL
    (C) ECL
    (D) MOS

7. ASCII and EBCDIC differ in
    (A) Their efficiency in storing data
    (B) The random and sequential access method
    (C) The number of bytes used to store characters
    (D) Their collecting sequences

8. Addition of 1101011012, 1110111012, 0001111112, 1001011012, 1111101112 is
    (A) 10110101110102
    (B) 11110110000102
    (C) 10001010001012
    (D) 010010000000102

9. What is the 2's complement of 0011 0101 1001 1100 number?
    (A) 1100 1010 1100 1011
    (B) 1100 1010 0110 0011
    (C) 1100 1010 0110 0100
    (D) 1100 1010 1111 1111

10. A flip-flop can store
    (A) One bit of data
    (B) Two bits of data
    (C) Three bits of data
    (D) Any number of bits of data

11. The time required for a pulse to decrease from 90 to 10 percent of its maximum value is known as
    (A) Rise time
    (B) Decay time
    (C) Binary level transition period
    (D) Propagation delay

12. Conversion of binary number 11000112 to hexadecimal is
    (A) 6316
    (B) 5716
    (C) 4616
    (D) 4016

13. The simplified form of the Boolean expression (X + Y + XY)(X + Z) is
    (A) X + Y + Z
    (B) XY + YZ
    (C) X + YZ
    (D) XZ + Y

14. The clock signals are used in sequential logic circuits
    (A) To tell the time of the day
    (B) To tell how much time has elapsed since the system was turned on
    (C) To carry serial data signals
    (D) To synchronize events in various parts of a system

15. Conversion of decimal number 7110 to it's binary number equivalent is
    (A) 1100112
    (B) 11100112
    (C) 01100112
    (D) 10001112

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