Computer Fundamentals mcq pdf Free Download - Set 42 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Fundamentals mcq pdf Free Download - Set 42

Practice Test: Question Set - 42

1. What was the total number of UNIVAC-I sold eventually and by which company?
    (A) 30, British Tabulating Machine Co. (BTM)
    (B) 40, International Business Machines (IBM)
    (C) 48, Remington Rand
    (D) 40, International Computer Ltd. (ICL)

2. Which of the following storage and retrieval methods would be well suited to your processing requirements if you only need to retrieve records one at a time and there is no fixed pattern to the requests for data and records?
    (A) Indexed sectors
    (B) Sequential
    (C) Direct
    (D) Indexed direct

3. A factor which might cause an individual to consider using a computer in criminal activities is:
    (A) The computer's access to large sums of money
    (B) The speed with which the crime can be accomplished
    (C) EFTS (Electronic Funds Transfer System)
    (D) All the above

4. Which gate sends on a pulse when it receives one at either or both of its terminals?
    (A) NOR
    (B) NOT
    (C) OR
    (D) NAND

5. The ASCII code for the character J is:
    (A) 1001 0001
    (B) 1001 1010
    (C) 0100 1010
    (D) 1010 0001

6. Which of the following is used to insure the high quality of computer output?
    (A) Computer output microfilm
    (B) Output controls
    (C) Voice output systems
    (D) Liquid crystal display

7. Which kind of devices allows the user to add components and capabilities to a computer system?
    (A) System boards
    (B) Storage devices
    (C) Input devices
    (D) Expansion slots

8. A circuit which can store information is known as
    (A) Integrated circuit
    (B) Chip
    (C) Memory cell
    (D) Gate

9. Where does a computer add and compare data?
    (A) Hard disk
    (B) Floppy disk
    (C) CPU chip
    (D) Memory chip

10. The following is true about 2-out of-5 code:
    (A) It is weighted code
    (B) It is un-weighted code
    (C) It has odd parity
    (D) None of the above

11. What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to regulate traffic on the bus, in order to prevent two devices from trying to use it at the same time?
    (A) Bus control
    (B) Interrupts
    (C) Bus arbitration
    (D) Status

12. Multiplication of 1112 by 1012 is
    (A) 1100112
    (B) 1000112
    (C) 1111002
    (D) 0001012

13. Which major development led to the production of microcomputers?
    (A) Magnetic disks
    (B) Floppy disks
    (C) Logic gates
    (D) Integrated circuits

14. What is the general name of the device which produces hardcopy graphics?
    (A) COM
    (B) Plotter
    (C) Printer
    (D) Microfilm

15. What is the standard code the computer industry created to represent characters?
    (A) DASI
    (B) ASSH
    (C) ASCII
    (D) BASCII

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