Computer Fundamentals mcq Questions Answers pdf - Set 52 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Fundamentals mcq Questions Answers pdf - Set 52

Practice Test: Question Set - 52

1. A logic gate is an electronic circuit which
    (A) Makes logic decisions
    (B) Allows electron flow only in one direction
    (C) Works on binary algebra
    (D) Alternates between 0 and 1 values

2. Programs prepared by an outside supplier & provided to a user in a machine readable form is known as
    (A) Utility program
    (B) Canned program
    (C) Application program
    (D) Application software

3. Which is part of a computer system, enables human operators to communicate with the computer?
    (A) Console
    (B) Keyboard
    (C) Printer
    (D) CPU

4. A memory that holds micro programs is
    (A) Core memory
    (B) ROM
    (C) RAM
    (D) Control memory

5. A family of polynomial block codes designed to correct burst errors is known as
    (A) Bar codes
    (B) Gray codes
    (C) Fire codes
    (D) Mnemonics codes

6. A compiler means
    (A) A person who compiles source programs
    (B) The same thing as a programmer
    (C) Keypunch operator
    (D) A program which translates source program into object program

7. Who invented the microprocessor?
    (A) Marcian E Hoff
    (B) Herman H Goldstein
    (C) Joseph Jacquard
    (D) None of the above

8. Which of the following is not used as secondary storage?
    (A) Semiconductor memory
    (B) Magnetic disks
    (C) Magnetic drums
    (D) Magnetic tapes

9. In this world of fast changing computer technology, one of the most important factor to be considered while purchasing a PC is, it should have a provision for
    (A) High level integration
    (B) Self upgradability
    (C) Intelligent sensors
    (D) Faster data access

10. Which of the following is a computer memory that can be programmed once, but not reprogrammed?
    (A) ROM
    (B) RAM
    (C) PROM
    (D) EPROM

11. A software package to perform calculations on data arranged in an array is
    (A) System software
    (B) Utility programs
    (C) Electronic spread sheet
    (D) Application programs

12. A program used to detect overall system malfunction is
    (A) System analysis
    (B) System software
    (C) Utilities
    (D) System diagnostics

13. Backing storage is so named because it
    (A) Is always kept at the back of the CP.U.
    (B) Is slow and backward
    (C) Backs up the computer's main memory
    (D) Lags behind the main memory

14. Which was the first commercial computer built by M.V. Wilkies
    (A) Super computer
    (B) LEO
    (C) Mainframe
    (D) Micro computer

15. In comparison to the internal (main) memory, tape or disk memory is
    (A) Slower and more expensive
    (B) Slower and less expensive
    (C) Faster and more expensive
    (D) Faster and less expensive

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