Computer Fundamentals One Word Questions and Answers - Set 17 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Fundamentals One Word Questions and Answers - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. What is the term which represents the use of links between information of all sorts whether text, graphics, video or audio-based?
    (A) Hypertext
    (B) Hypermedia
    (C) HyperCard
    (D) Wildcard

2. Which of the following registers is used to keep track of address of the memory location where the next instruction is located?
    (A) Memory Address Register
    (B) Memory Data Register
    (C) Instruction Register
    (D) Program Counter

3. The ALU of a computer responds to the commands coming from
    (A) Primary memory
    (B) Control section
    (C) External memory
    (D) Cache memory

4. Which of the following is a system programming language for micro-computers in the Intel family?
    (A) LOGO
    (B) SNOBOL
    (C) PCM
    (D) PL/1

5. A six - digit card field used for postal ZIP codes is defined as
    (A) A letter field
    (B) An alphabetic field
    (C) A numeric field
    (D) An alphanumeric field

6. A type of instruction that can produce several lines of machine language code is a
    (A) Mnemonic
    (B) Address
    (C) Macro
    (D) Assemble

7. A medium for transferring data between two locations is called
    (A) Network
    (B) Communication channel
    (C) Modem
    (D) Bus

8. Super-computers
    (A) Are found at thousands of sites around the world
    (B) Can now fit on a single silicon chip
    (C) Are usually designed to process accounting applications
    (D) Are not fast enough for some applications

9. Conversion of an octal number 208 to its binary number is
    (A) 100002
    (B) 101112
    (C) 101102
    (D) 111102

10. A card on the top of pack of cards containing information about the cards in the pack is
    (A) Punched card
    (B) Card punch
    (C) Reader card
    (D) Punched paper tape

11. The unit of hardware an operator uses to monitor computer processing is the:
    (A) Card reader
    (B) CPU
    (C) Line printer
    (D) Console

12. An IC contains 50 gates each of which consists of 6 components. Its belong to
    (A) VLSI
    (B) LSI
    (C) MSI
    (D) SSI

13. Conversion of a hexadecimal number 4E16 to binary number is
    (A) 10011012
    (B) 10011102
    (C) 11011002
    (D) 1101112

14. LISP was developed by
    (A) John Mc Carthy
    (B) Blaise Pascal
    (C) Dr. Hollerith
    (D) John Napier

15. What is the name of the display feature that highlights areas of the screen which require operator attention?
    (A) Pixel
    (B) Reverse video
    (C) Touch screen
    (D) Cursor

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