Computer Fundamentals Short Questions and Answers pdf - Set 22 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Fundamentals Short Questions and Answers pdf - Set 22

Practice Test: Question Set - 22

1. The time for which a piece of equipment operates is called
    (A) Seek time
    (B) Effective time
    (C) Access time
    (D) Real time

2. The process of communicating with a file from a terminal is
    (A) Interactive
    (B) Interrogation
    (C) Heuristic
    (D) None of the above

3. A number that is used to control the form of another number is known as
    (A) Map
    (B) Mask
    (C) Marker
    (D) None of the above

4. A technique for processing jobs on a first-come, first-served basis is known as
    (A) FAX
    (B) FIFO
    (C) GIGO cable
    (D) Optical mark reader

5. Which of the following is true concerning personal computers?
    (A) They decrease the demand for mainframe computers
    (B) They have been most successful in the home
    (C) The electronic spreadsheet has been a primary reason for their popularity
    (D) None of the above

6. A terminal having local processing capability is
    (A) KIPS
    (B) AI
    (C) Intelligent terminal
    (D) Optical terminal

7. Any storage device added to a computer beyond the immediately usable main storage is known as
    (A) Floppy disk
    (B) Hard disk
    (C) Backing store
    (D) Punched card

8. The time required for the fetching and execution of one simple machine instruction is
    (A) Delay time
    (B) CPU cycle
    (C) Real time
    (D) Seek time

9. A program that is employed in the development, repair or enhancement of other programs is known as
    (A) System software
    (B) Software tool
    (C) Applications program
    (D) Utility program

10. Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape?
    (A) Direct
    (B) Sequential
    (C) Random
    (D) None of the above

11. The microcomputer, Intel MCS-80 is based on the widely used Intel
    (A) 8080 microprocessor
    (B) 8085 microprocessor
    (C) 8086 microprocessor
    (D) 8082 microprocessor

12. The section of the CPU that selects, interprets and sees to the execution of program instructions
    (A) Memory
    (B) Register unit
    (C) Control unit
    (D) ALU

13. Which of the following is not one of the three primary functions that on-line direct-access systems can serve?
    (A) Inquiry
    (B) Backup
    (C) Update
    (D) Programming

14. What is the acronym for Single In-Line Memory Module?
    (A) SIMM
    (B) SILMM
    (C) SM
    (D) SMM

15. A computer programmer
    (A) Does all the thinking for a computer
    (B) Can enter input data quickly
    (C) Can operate all types of computer equipment
    (D) Can draw only flowchart

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