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Digital Computer Electronics Interview Questions - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. Binary-Coded-decimal (BCD) numbers express each digit as a _______
    (A) Byte
    (B) Nibble
    (C) Bit
    (D) None of the above

2. A shift register moves the _______ left or right. Serial loading means storing a word in a shift register by entering _______ bit per clock pulse. With parallel or broadside loading, it takes only one _______ pulse to load the input word.
    (A) Light, eight, clock
    (B) Right, eight, clock
    (C) Bits, one, register
    (D) Bits, one, clock

3. Conversion of an octal number 74328 to a binary number is
    (A) 11110001101112
    (B) 1111000110102
    (C) 1100110101112
    (D) 1111111110002

4. Conversion of an octal number 1068 to binary number is
    (A) 11100102
    (B) 10001102
    (C) 11001102
    (D) 100001102

5. What logic function is produced by adding an inverter to the output of an AND gate?
    (A) NAND
    (B) NOR
    (C) XOR
    (D) OR

6. Names, numbers, and other information needed to solve a problem are called _________
    (A) Program
    (B) Instruction
    (C) Data
    (D) Controls

7. Multiplication of 1112 by 1012 is
    (A) 1100112
    (B) 1000112
    (C) 1111002
    (D) 0001012

8. How many full and half-adders are required to add 16-bit numbers?
    (A) 8 half-adders, 8 full-adders
    (B) 1 half-adders, 15 full-adders
    (C) 16 half-adders, no full-adders
    (D) 4 half-adders, 12 full-adders

9. Semiconductor memory is:
    (A) Somewhat slower than magnetic core memory
    (B) A volatile memory
    (C) Somewhat larger than the magnetic core memory
    (D) None of the above

10. Conversion of decimal number 4210 to it's octal number equivalent is
    (A) 578
    (B) 428
    (C) 478
    (D) 528

11. How many memory locations can 14 address bits access?
    (A) 16,384
    (B) 8,192
    (C) 4,096
    (D) 14

12. Conversion of binary number 11000012 to hexadecimal is
    (A) 5716
    (B) 6116
    (C) 5116
    (D) 4316

13. The dynamic race hazard problem occurs in
    (A) Combinational circuits only
    (B) Sequential circuits only
    (C) Both combinational and sequential circuits
    (D) None of the combinational and sequential circuits

14. Conversion of binary number 10010102 to to its decimal number is
    (A) 7410
    (B) 9710
    (C) 7210
    (D) 6310

15. Conversion of binary number 10100002 to an octal number is
    (A) 1198
    (B) 1018
    (C) 1118
    (D) 1208

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