Digital Computer Electronics Practice Test Series - ObjectiveBooks

Digital Computer Electronics Practice Test Series

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. One way to simplify the sum-of-products equation is to use boolean algebra. Another way is the _______ map.
    (A) De Morgan
    (B) Standard
    (C) Schottky
    (D) Karnaugh

2. A positive AND gate is also a negative
    (A) NAND gate
    (B) NOR gate
    (C) AND gate
    (D) OR gate

3. Conversion of decimal number 8910 it's binary number equivalent is
    (A) 10110112
    (B) 11001112
    (C) 10110012
    (D) 100112

4. Conversion of binary number 1010000101112 to hexadecimal number is
    (A) D8F916
    (B) A8B916
    (C) A1716
    (D) D9F816

5. The _______ is a sequence of instructions that tells the computer how to process the data.
    (A) Data
    (B) Program
    (C) Controls
    (D) Instruction

6. Addition of 102 and 112 is
    (A) 1002
    (B) 1012
    (C) 1112
    (D) 1102

7. Conversion of binary number 1011012 to its decimal number is
    (A) 4510
    (B) 4310
    (C) 4010
    (D) 4710

8. A p-channel enhancement type MOSFET performs much the same function as a PNP transistor, except that
    (A) It operates much faster
    (B) It is considerably larger
    (C) It is controlled by voltage rather than by current, so that it requires very little current at the control terminal
    (D) It is controlled by current rather than by voltage like a bipolar transistor

9. When the LOAD input of a buffer register is active, the input word is stored on the next positive _______ edge.
    (A) Clock
    (B) Pulse
    (C) Register
    (D) Transistor

10. The Gray code for decimal 7 is
    (A) 0111
    (B) 1011
    (C) 0100
    (D) 0101

11. Which of the following Boolean algebra rules is wrong?
    (A) 0 + A = A
    (B) 1 + A = 1
    (C) A + A = A
    (D) 1 . x = 1

12. The binary number 1100 0101 has _______ bytes
    (A) 8
    (B) 4
    (C) 2
    (D) 1

13. Conversion of a octal number 638 to its decimal number is
    (A) 5110
    (B) 6110
    (C) 5710
    (D) 5310

14. What logic function is produced by adding an inverter to each input and the output of an AND gate?
    (A) NAND
    (B) NOR
    (C) OR
    (D) XOR

15. Conversion of binary number 11000112 to an octal number is
    (A) 1408
    (B) 1438
    (C) 1478
    (D) 1498

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