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Fertilizer Technology Objective Questions & Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. Optimum reaction temperature in steam reforming of naphtha is ________ °C.
    (A) 700 - 1000
    (B) 300 - 450
    (C) 1500 - 1700
    (D) 100 - 200

2. Which of the following fertilizers contains the least percentage of nitrogen?
    (A) Liquid ammonia
    (B) Urea
    (C) Ammonium phosphate
    (D) Ammonium sulphate

3. Action of phosphoric acid on rock phosphate produces
    (A) Superphosphate
    (B) Triple superphosphate
    (C) Nitrophosphate
    (D) Diammonium phosphate

4. pH value of soil is maintained at ________ by the addition of fertiliser for optimum growth and health of the plant.
    (A) 4-5
    (B) 7-8
    (C) 9-10
    (D) 12-13

5. Which is the best fertilizer for paddy?
    (A) Ammonium sulphate
    (B) Nitro-phosphate
    (C) Superphosphate
    (D) Potassium nitrate

6. Though liquid ammonia itself is a fertilizer (with 82% nitrogen content) yet it is commonly not used as such in a tropical country like India, because it
    (A) Has a pungent smell
    (B) Vaporises at normal temperature
    (C) Is toxic and highly corrosive
    (D) Is in short supply

7. Effectiveness of a fertilizer is independent of the
    (A) Nature of soil
    (B) Type of crop
    (C) pH of soil
    (D) None of these

8. In the manufacture of H3 PO4 (ortho); strong H2SO4 leaching wet process as compared to electric furnace process
    (A) Uses lower grade phosphate rock
    (B) Requires lower capital investment in the plant
    (C) Produces lower purity acid
    (D) Is very costly

9. Biuret formation in urea is kept at minimum (< 1 %), because it is
    (A) Corrosive in nature
    (B) Toxic and harmful to some crops
    (C) Helpful in decomposition of urea
    (D) Explosive in nature

10. Oxidation of ammonia is
    (A) Exothermic
    (B) Endothermic
    (C) Non-catalytic
    (D) Autocatalytic

11. Reaction of ortho-phosphoric acid with phosphate rock produces
    (A) Superphosphate
    (B) Triple superphosphate
    (C) Meta-phosphoric acid
    (D) Monoammonium phosphate

12. Pick out the correct statement.
    (A) Reaction of NH3 with HNO3 to produce (NH4)2NO3 is endothermic
    (B) With increase in NH3/CO2 ratio, urea yield decreases for a given temperature, pressure and total feed rate
    (C) Biuret (an intermediate during urea manufacture) is toxic to seeds and animals
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

13. A phosphatic fertiliser contains 16% P2O5. It could be
    (A) Dicalcium phosphate
    (B) Superphosphate
    (C) Triple superphosphate
    (D) None of these

14. ________ is the undesirable by-product produced in the manufacture of urea.
    (A) Ammonium carbonate
    (B) Biuret
    (C) Carbon dioxide
    (D) Ammonium carbamate

15. Fusion zone in the electric furnace used for reduction of phosphate rock to elemental phosphorous is maintained at _________ °C.
    (A) 250-300
    (B) 500-750
    (C) 950-1050
    (D) 1400-1450

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