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Linux Computer Science Quiz Questions - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Which of the following NIS clients, finds and stores information about an NIS domain and server?
    (A) ypwhich
    (B) ypbind
    (C) ypcat
    (D) yppoll

2. After you have compiled your kernel, what do you have to edit to boot your new kernel image?
    (A) /boot/lilo.conf
    (B) /etc/conf.modules
    (C) /etc/named.boot
    (D) /etc/lilo.conf

3. Which of the following is the main Apache configuration file?
    (A) httpd.conf
    (B) apache.con
    (C) /etc/profile
    (D) system.ini

4. What command is used to remove files?
    (A) dm
    (B) rm
    (C) delete
    (D) erase

5. What command is used to terminate a process?
    (A) kill
    (B) cancel
    (C) haltsys
    (D) shutdown

6. What command is used to count just the number of lines contained in a file?
    (A) wc - r
    (B) wc - w
    (C) wc - c
    (D) wc - l

7. How many networks and nodes per network, are allowed by the Class B network?
    (A) 127 networks and 16,777,216 nodes per network
    (B) 16,384 networks and 65,534 nodes per network
    (C) 2,097,152 networks and 254 nodes per network
    (D) None of the above

8. What command is used to summarize the disk usage?
    (A) disk
    (B) du
    (C) fdisk
    (D) chkdsk

9. RPM
    (A) Stands for Red Hat Package Manager
    (B) Is used to install, uninstall, and manage packages
    (C) Is used to keep track of the users
    (D) Assigns a dynamic IP address

10. In which directory can you store system user default files used for creating user directories?
    (A) /usr/tmp
    (B) /etc/default
    (C) /etc/skel
    (D) /etc/users

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