Management Information Systems Practice Test - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Management Information Systems Practice Test - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Actuarial accounting systems are associated with the _______ industry.
    (A) Insurance
    (B) Reliable
    (C) Consistent
    (D) Exhaustive

2. Data collection terminals gather data for use by the
    (A) Inventory subsystem
    (B) Cost subsystem
    (C) Production subsystem
    (D) All of the above

3. Which of the following statements in correct?
    (A) Most analysts agree on the structure and organization of MIS
    (B) Operational planning reports are a primary informational tool for middle management
    (C) An MIS focuses on managing information generated with a computer system
    (D) The cross reference of data items is an integral feature of the simple structure used in database organization

4. Detailed project control answers the questions
    (A) When and how much?
    (B) Who and why?
    (C) When and where?
    (D) Who and when?

5. A language for simulating models of business activity is:
    (A) SPSS
    (B) DL/1
    (C) GPSS
    (D) COBOL

6. _______ write computer programs that perform jobs specified by the user.
    (A) Programmer
    (B) Data entry operator
    (C) System Analyst
    (D) Computer operator

7. Pictographs, called _______ help systems to be more user friendly.
    (A) People
    (B) Icons
    (C) Information system
    (D) On-line

8. As opposed to detailed transaction information, the management information system (MIS) responds to the need for
    (A) Electronic data processing
    (B) Managerial information
    (C) Accounting application
    (D) Utility billing information

9. Most of the flow of physical resources occurs on the
    (A) Top management level
    (B) Middle management level
    (C) Lower management level
    (D) None of the above

10. In an experiment in which a new drug was being tested on 1000 rats, which one of the following would a computer be least able to do?
    (A) Determine the total amount of drug that had been given to all 1000 rats keep records of weight changes of the 1000 rats
    (B) Keep records of the dosages and the dates the drug was given to each rat
    (C) Keep records of weight changes of the 1000 rates
    (D) Decide whether the drug was safe enough for use on humans

11. Zani's framework of effective MIS argues that MIS can only be designed in a:
    (A) Top down fashion
    (B) Coordinative fashion
    (C) By managerial participation
    (D) Bottom up

12. The physical system of the firm may be regarded as a flow of
    (A) Manpower, machines, material, and money
    (B) Information only
    (C) Manpower, machines, material, money, and information
    (D) Manpower, machines, material, money, and data

13. An information system that supplies information specifically to aid managers with decision-making responsibilities is called a
    (A) DBMS
    (B) MIS
    (C) DSS
    (D) DBA

14. EDP auditors can be used in the
    (A) Implementation phase of MIS development
    (B) Planning phase of MIS development
    (C) Analysis and design phase of MIS development
    (D) All of the above

15. PCM stands for _______
    (A) Plug-compatible manufacturer
    (B) Personal computer media
    (C) PC-manufacturer
    (D) PC-modem

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