Networking Computer Science Basic Questions - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Networking Computer Science Basic Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations is known as
    (A) Broadcast
    (B) Band width
    (C) Aloha
    (D) Analog transmission

2. Which file transfer protocol uses UDP?
    (A) NFS
    (B) TELNET
    (C) TFTP
    (D) FTP

3. Which of the following characteristic(s) is/are suited to the PSS applications?
    (A) Bursty traffic and low communications intensity
    (B) Widely dispersed terminals and access to international packets switched services
    (C) Multiple remote host or applications accessed by a single local access circuit terminal and circuit
    (D) All of the above

4. Different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable and a/an
    (A) Modem
    (B) Interface card
    (C) Special wires
    (D) Telephone lines

5. A batch processing terminal would not include a
    (A) CPU
    (B) Card reader
    (C) Card punch
    (D) Line printer

6. The encoding method specified in the EIA-232 standard is _______.
    (A) NRZ-I
    (B) NRZ-L
    (C) Manchester
    (D) Differential Manchester

7. In OSI model, which of the following layer transforms information from machine format into that understandable by user?
    (A) Application
    (B) Presentation
    (C) Session
    (D) Physical

8. Which of the following data transmission media has the largest terrestrial range without the use of repeaters or other devices?
    (A) Hardwiring
    (B) Microwave
    (C) Satellite
    (D) Laser

9. You are working with a network that has the network ID and require nine subsets for your company and the maximum number of hosts. What subnet mask should you use?

10. How much power (roughly) a light-emitting diode can couple into an optical fiber?
    (A) 100 microwatts
    (B) 440 microwatts
    (C) 100 picowatts
    (D) 10 milliwatts

11. To avoid transmission errors, a check figure is calculated by the
    (A) Transmitting computer
    (B) Receiving computer
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Start and stop bit

12. Which of the following is an advantage to using fiber optics data transmission?
    (A) Resistance to data theft
    (B) Fast data transmission rate
    (C) Low noise level
    (D) All of the above

13. Which of the following files is used for NetBIOS name resolution?
    (A) HOSTS
    (C) ARP
    (D) FQDN

14. Which of the following items is not used in Local Area Networks (LANs)?
    (A) Computer
    (B) Modem
    (C) Printer
    (D) Cable

15. Which of the following divides the high speed signal into frequency bands?
    (A) t-switch
    (B) Modem
    (C) Frequency-division multiplexer
    (D) Time-division multiplexer

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