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Object Oriented Programming using c++ mcq Test - Set 22

Practice Test: Question Set - 22

1. The generic type in a template function
    (A) Must be T
    (B) Can be T
    (C) Cannot be T for functions you create, but may be for C++'s built-in functions
    (D) Cannot be T

2. If the description of function is "input the quantity, validate that the quantity is greater than 1, subtract 1 from the quantity, and print the quantity," the function is
    (A) Sequentially cohesive
    (B) Logically cohesive
    (C) Communicationally cohesive
    (D) Functionally cohesive

3. If a class will serve as a base class, most often the base class data members are
    (A) Private
    (B) Protected
    (C) Public
    (D) Polymorphic

4. The step-by-step instructions that solve a problem are called ________
    (A) An algorithm
    (B) A list
    (C) A plan
    (D) A sequential structure

5. The int type of constants are whole numbers in the range
    (A) - 23677 to 23678
    (B) - 32768 to 32767
    (C) - 32767 to 32768
    (D) - 32864 to 32865

6. Which of the following statements declares a variable that can contain a decimal number?
    (A) dec payRate;
    (B) dec hourlyPay
    (C) float payRate
    (D) float hourlyPay;

7. What does C++ append to the end of a string literal constant?
    (A) A space
    (B) A number sign (#)
    (C) An asterisk (*)
    (D) A null character

8. An unsigned double type of data
    (A) Can have only positive values
    (B) Does not exist
    (C) Is always less than 1010
    (D) Can have only negative values

9. To include the double quotes as part of the control string we use the symbol
    (A) %"
    (B) ""
    (C) \"
    (D) #

10. You define a structure type globally because ________
    (A) You save many lines of code by not rewriting an identical structure definition in each function that uses it
    (B) You will never change its definition
    (C) It is required in C++
    (D) All of the above

11. A function that is called automatically each time an object is created is a(n)
    (A) Constructor
    (B) Contractor
    (C) Builder
    (D) Architect

12. The statement int n[4] = {11, -13, 17, 105};
    (A) Assigns the value -13 to [2]
    (B) Assigns the value 17 to n[2]
    (C) Is wrong; it gives an error message
    (D) Assigns the value 18 to n[2]

13. Sending a copy of data to a program module is called ________
    (A) Passing a value
    (B) Making a reference
    (C) Recursion
    (D) Setting a condition

14. A derived class _______ override attributes of a parent class
    (A) May
    (B) May if the two classes have the same name
    (C) Must
    (D) Must not

15. Variables that are declared in a block are known as _______ variables to that block
    (A) Confined
    (B) Local
    (C) Global
    (D) Immediate

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