Online Practice Linux Computer Science - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Online Practice Linux Computer Science - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. What command is used to assign executable permission to all of the files named "report"?
    (A) chmod ugo + x report
    (B) chmod u + x report
    (C) chmod ugo + rw report
    (D) chmod ugo + r report

2. What X-based tool is available for configuring the X Window system?
    (A) XConfigurator
    (B) XF86Setup
    (C) xf86config
    (D) All of the above

3. Which of the following command lists the last 10 lines of a file?
    (A) grep
    (B) tail
    (C) head
    (D) cat

4. In order to increase the amount of memory available for a system, what is the maximum size of a swap partition (with kernel version 2.2.x)?
    (A) 2 GB
    (B) 128 MB
    (C) 64 MB
    (D) 32 MB

5. What does GNU stand for?
    (A) GNU's not Unix
    (B) Greek Needed Unix
    (C) General Unix
    (D) General Noble Unix

6. What command is used to list the jobs currently in print queues?
    (A) lpq
    (B) lpr
    (C) lprm
    (D) lpc

7. What of the following tool is used to check and repair Linux file systems?
    (A) mkfs
    (B) fdisk
    (C) fsck
    (D) mount

8. What layer of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user?
    (A) Session
    (B) Data-link
    (C) Application
    (D) Network

9. What command is used with vi editor to move forward to the end of a word?
    (A) c
    (B) d
    (C) b
    (D) e

10. What layer protocol is responsible for user and the application programme support such as passwords, resource sharing, file transfer and network management?
    (A) Layer 4 protocols
    (B) Layer 5 protocols
    (C) Layer 6 protocols
    (D) Layer 7 protocols

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