Online Test Characteristics of Computer Network - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Online Test Characteristics of Computer Network - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. The Token-Ring architecture was developed for a more efficient way to determine who should be transmitting at any one time. With Ethernet, collisions may take place, causing the transmitting computers to have to retransmit their data. The use of token guarantees that only one computer can transmit at a time. What happens as the network increases in size? Choose the best answer
    (A) An additional token is added for every 1,000 nodes
    (B) The speed of the Token-Ring network must be 16Mbps if the number of nodes is greater than 500
    (C) The network becomes less efficient
    (D) The network becomes more efficient

2. The area of coverage of a satellite radio beam is known as
    (A) Footprint
    (B) Circular polarization
    (C) Beam width
    (D) Identity

3. Examples are packet switching using frame relay, and cell switching using ATM technologies. Select the best fit for answer:
    (A) Bandwidth alternatives
    (B) Switching alternating
    (C) Inter organizational networks
    (D) Extranets

4. The channel in the data communication model can be
    (A) Postal mail service
    (B) Telephone lines
    (C) Radio signals
    (D) All of the above

5. Ethernet networks can be cabled in a number of topologies, depending on what works best in each environment. As more nodes are added, the efficiency of Ethernet decreases. Select the best answer as to why Ethernet becomes less efficient as size increases.
    (A) Network collisions occur
    (B) Repeaters cannot increase the signal strength sufficiently
    (C) Cable terminators do not reflect the signal properly
    (D) Cable terminators do not absorb the signal properly

6. Messages from one computer terminal can be sent to another by using data networks. The message to be sent is converted to an electronic digital signal, transmitted via a cable, telephone or satellite and then converted back again at the receiving end. What is this system of sending messages called?
    (A) Paperless office
    (B) Electronic mail
    (C) Global network
    (D) Electronic newspaper

7. Repeaters are often used on an 802.3 network to help strengthen the signals being transmitted. As with the length of segments and the number of segments, a limit exists as to how many repeaters can be used between any two nodes. What is the maximum number of repeaters that can be used?
    (A) Five
    (B) Two
    (C) Four
    (D) Six

8. Which of the following communications lines is best suited to interactive processing applications?
    (A) Narrowband channels
    (B) Simplex lines
    (C) Full-duplex lines
    (D) Mixed band channels

9. Communication network is
    (A) One or more conductors that serve as a common connection for a related group of devices
    (B) A continuous frequency capable of being modulated or impressed with a second signal
    (C) The condition with two or more stations attempt to use the same channel at the same time
    (D) A collection of interconnected functional units that provides a data communications service among stations attached to the network

10. What is the term used to describe addresses available on a DHCP server?
    (A) Pools
    (B) Scopes
    (C) Ranges
    (D) Notes

11. A subdivision of main storage created by operational software is referred to as a:
    (A) Compartment
    (B) Time-shared program
    (C) Divided core
    (D) Partition

12. Which of the following is the address of the router?
    (A) The IP address
    (B) The TCP address
    (C) The subnet mask
    (D) The default gateway

13. A protocol is a set of rules governing a time sequence of events that must take place
    (A) Between peers
    (B) Between modems
    (C) Between an interface
    (D) Across an interface

14. Now-a-days computers all over the world can talk to each other. Which is one of the special accessories essential for this purpose?
    (A) Keyboard
    (B) Modem
    (C) Scanner
    (D) Fax

15. Which of the following conditions is used to transmit two packets over a medium at the same time?
    (A) Contention
    (B) Collision
    (C) Synchronous
    (D) Asynchronous

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