Operating System Questions and Answers with Multiple Choice - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Operating System Questions and Answers with Multiple Choice - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Daisy chain is a device for
    (A) Connecting a number of controllers to a device
    (B) Connecting a number of devices to a controller
    (C) Interconnecting a number of devices to a number of controllers
    (D) None of the above

2. In which of the storage placement strategies a program is placed in the largest available hole in the main memory?
    (A) Best fit
    (B) First fit
    (C) Worst fit
    (D) Buddy

3. Which of the following is not true about the memory management?
    (A) Virtual memory is used only in multi-user systems
    (B) Segmentation suffers from external fragmentation
    (C) Paging suffers from internal fragmentation
    (D) Segmented memory can be paged

4. The term 'polling' in a computer means a process by which a computer system
    (A) Detects/corrects errors
    (B) Multiplexes the inputs and updates the memory accordingly
    (C) Decides correct alternative by analyzing several ones
    (D) Inquires to see if a terminal has any transaction to send

5. The Storage-to-Storage instructions
    (A) Have both their operands in the main store
    (B) Which perform an operation on a register operand and an operand which is located in the main store, generally leaving the result in the register, expect in the case of store operation when it is also written into the specified storage location
    (C) Which perform indicated operations on two fast registers of the machine and have the result in one of the registers
    (D) All of the above

6. What scheduling algorithm allows processes that are logical runnable to be temporarily suspended?
    (A) Preemptive scheduling
    (B) Non-preemptive scheduling
    (C) FIFO
    (D) FCFS

7. All the time a computer is switched on, its operating system software has to stay in
    (A) Main storage
    (B) Primary storage
    (C) Floppy disk
    (D) Disk drive

8. Interprocess communication
    (A) Is required for all processes
    (B) Is usually done via disk drives
    (C) Is never necessary
    (D) Allows processes to synchronize activity

9. Semaphores
    (A) Synchronize critical resources to prevent deadlock
    (B) Synchronize critical resources to prevent contention
    (C) Are used to do I/O
    (D) Are used for memory management

10. Indicate which, of the following, is not true about Nassi-Shneiderman charts
    (A) These charts are type of graphical design tool
    (B) These charts cannot represent CASE constructs
    (C) These charts can represent three fundamental control structures
    (D) All of the above

11. The FIFO algorithm
    (A) Executes first the job that last entered the queue
    (B) Executes first the job that first entered the queue
    (C) Execute first the job that has been in the queue the longest
    (D) Executes first the job with the least processor needs

12. A relocate program form is one which
    (A) Cannot be made to execute in any area of storage other than the one designated for it at the time of its coding or translation
    (B) Consists of a program and relevant information for its relocation
    (C) Can itself performs the relocation of its address-sensitive portions
    (D) All of the above

13. Virtual memory is
    (A) Simple to implement
    (B) Used in all major commercial operating systems
    (C) Less efficient in utilization of memory
    (D) Useful when fast I/O devices are not available

14. The Memory Address Register
    (A) Is a hardware memory device which denotes the location of the current instruction being executed
    (B) Is a group of electrical circuits (hardware), that performs the intent of instructions fetched from memory
    (C) Contains the address of the memory location that is to be read from or stored into
    (D) Contains a copy of the designated memory location specified by the MAR after a "read" or the new contents of the memory prior to a "write"

15. What is the name of the system which deals with the running of the actual computer and not with the programming problems?
    (A) Operating system
    (B) Systems program
    (C) Object program
    (D) Source program

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