Process Engineering and Plant Design MCQ Practice - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Process Engineering and Plant Design MCQ Practice - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. Movement of pipeline caused by thermal expansion is taken care by providing
    (A) Expansion joint
    (B) Changes in its direction
    (C) Change in the shape of pipeline
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

2. A binary liquid Azeotropic mixture has boiling point lower than either of the components, when it shows _________ deviation from Raoult's Law.
    (A) Positive
    (B) Negative
    (C) No
    (D) None of these

3. The clearance between two tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger is known as 'ligament', whose minimum value is _________ the outside diameter of the tube, but in no case it should be less than 4.5 mm.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) Half
    (C) One fourth
    (D) Three fourth

4. In most of the shell and tube heat exchangers, the tube pitch is generally _________ the tube diameter.
    (A) Less than
    (B) 1.25-1.50 times
    (C) 2.5 times
    (D) One-fourth of

5. Which of the following is the most common type of baffle used in industrial shell and tube heat exchanger?
    (A) 75% cut segmental baffle
    (B) 25% cut segmental baffle
    (C) Orifice baffle
    (D) Disk and doughnut baffle

6. Any shell opening greater than 5 cms for a storage tank must be reinforced for reason of
    (A) Preventing the local overstressing of the shell around the opening
    (B) Reduction of discontinuity in shape at the junction
    (C) Making the joint leak proof
    (D) None of these

7. _________ is the determining factor for the number of bubble caps to be used per tray.
    (A) Permissible slot velocity
    (B) Tray diameter
    (C) Liquid load
    (D) Vapor load

8. The center to center distance between two consecutive baffles in a shell and tube heat exchanger is called the baffle pitch or baffle spacing, which is more than 1/5th the I.D. of the shell. Which of the following is not a function of the baffles?
    (A) To increase the residence time of shell side fluid
    (B) To provide support to the tube bundle
    (C) To reduce the induced vibration in the tubes
    (D) To increase the tube side heat transfer co-efficient by inducing turbulence

9. The buckling tendency of compression members is always in the direction of the
    (A) Least radius of gyration
    (B) Axis of the load
    (C) Perpendicular to the axis of the load
    (D) None of these

10. In the design of a paddle agitator, the ratio (paddle dia/tank dia) is normally taken as
    (A) 0.1
    (B) 0.8
    (C) 0.25
    (D) 0.5

11. The equivalent diameter for fluid flow through a channel of constant non-circular cross section of area 'A' is given by (where, P = perimeter of the channel in contact with the fluid)
    (A) 4 A/P
    (B) A/P
    (C) 4 P/A
    (D) √A

12. Hoop (circumferential) stress induced in a thin walled 'Horton Sphere' used for the storage of liquid ammonia under pressure is
    (A) pD/2T
    (B) pD/4T
    (C) pD/3T
    (D) pD/6T

13. Accidents in chemical plants are mostly due to
    (A) Inadequate equipment design
    (B) Faulty operating procedures
    (C) Improper layout of the equipments
    (D) Failure of equipments

14. In case of 1.5" heat exchanger tubes, the inside flow area _________ with decrease in BWG.
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remains same
    (D) None of these

15. Liquid redistribution should be done in a packed tower packed with raschig rings every 6 meters or ________ times the column diameter, whichever is lower.
    (A) 2.5-3.0
    (B) 5-7.5
    (C) 10-12.5
    (D) 15-20

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