Process Equipment and Plant Design MCQs - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Process Equipment and Plant Design MCQs - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Minimum tube pitch recommended for shell and tube heat exchangers is about _________ times the outside diameter of the tube.
    (A) 1.25
    (B) 1.75
    (C) 2.5
    (D) 3.5

2. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Lug supports are less expensive than other type of supports
    (B) A pipe is differentiated from a tube by the fact that a pipe has a greater wall thickness compared to the tube
    (C) A reducer is used to change the direction of a pipe in a straight run
    (D) The method of fixing tubes to a tube sheet by expanding is called 'tube rolling'

3. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, triangular pitch arrangement as compared to square pitch arrangement
    (A) Results in higher shell side pressure drop
    (B) Can accomodate less number of tubes for a given shell diameter
    (C) Facilitates easier shell side cleaning; hence is more suitable for handling high dirt factor shell side fluid
    (D) Creates relatively lower turbulence on the shell side resulting in lower shell side heat transfer co-efficient

4. Baffles are provided in a shell and tube heat exchanger to increase the turbulence and velocity of the shell side fluid. Which of the following shaped baffles does not fall in the category of transverse baffle?
    (A) Segmental baffle
    (B) Flat plate extending across the wall
    (C) Disk type baffle
    (D) Helical type baffle

5. _________ heat exchanger is also known as 'hair pin type' exchanger,
    (A) Double pipe
    (B) Finned
    (C) Plate type
    (D) Regenerative

6. Value of Peclet number = ∞, is the representative of
    (A) Laminar flow
    (B) Complete back mixing
    (C) Plug flow
    (D) Eddy diffusivity = 0

7. The average velocity in the tubes of a 1-4 heat exchanger is _________ times that in 1-1 heat exchanger having the same size & number of tubes and operated at same liquid flow rate.
    (A) 2
    (B) 1/2
    (C) 4
    (D) 1/4

8. Steam economy is defined as the amount of evaporation per unit amount of steam used, while the capacity is the total evaporation obtained per hour. Use of multiple effects in evaporation
    (A) Increases capacity
    (B) Increases economy
    (C) Does not affect the capacity
    (D) Both 'b' & 'c'

9. Pick out the wrong statement about distillation operation
    (A) Distillation under vacuum is a substitute for steam distillation
    (B) In differential (simple) distillation, the vapor is removed as soon as it is formed without appreciable condensation
    (C) In flash (equilibrium) distillation, a definite fraction of liquid is vaporized in such a way that the evolved vapor & residual liquids are in equilibrium with each other
    (D) Flash distillation, differential distillation & steam distillation are all continuous distillation processes

10. Value of Peclet number = 0, is the representative of
    (A) Laminar flow
    (B) Complete back mixing
    (C) Plug flow
    (D) Eddy diffusivity = 0

11. A shell may by termed as thin if its thickness to diameter ratio is less than 0.1. The factor which can be neglected in the calculation of membrane stresses is
    (A) Bending
    (B) Deformation
    (C) Shear
    (D) Elongation

12. In case of a 'thin' pressure vessel, the ratio of its diameter to wall thickness is
    (A) < 10
    (B) > 10
    (C) > 20
    (D) 30

13. (Le/D) for couplings and unions would be
    (A) 60
    (B) 200
    (C) 350
    (D) Negligible

14. For a 25 mm hole drilled in plates to be riveted, the shank diameter of the rivet should be _________ mm.
    (A) 25
    (B) 23
    (C) 26
    (D) 27

15. Ratio of tube length to shell diameter for a shell and tube heat exchanger is
    (A) 8 : 1 to 12 : 1 for both liquid-liquid and gas-gas heat exchangers
    (B) 4 : 1 to 8 : 1 for liquid-liquid exchanger
    (C) < 4 : 1 for gas-gas exchangers
    (D) Both (b) & (c)

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