Process Equipment Design pdf MCQ Practice - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Process Equipment Design pdf MCQ Practice - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. The wall thickness of thin cylindrical shell with hemispherical ends is _________ that of the spherical ends.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) More than
    (C) Less than
    (D) Either (b) or (c); depends on maximum permissible internal pressure

2. Frame thickness in the plate and frame filter press is normally in the range of _________ inches.
    (A) 0.25 to 4
    (B) 0.25 to 8
    (C) 1 to 5
    (D) 1 to 12

3. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the overall heat transfer co-efficient is proportional to the tube side (volumetric flow rate)0.8. This is valid, only when the ratio of the tube side film resistance to the total resistance is almost equal to
    (B) 1
    (C) 20.8
    (D) 2

4. In case of saddle packing (e.g., berl and intralox saddles), the maximum size of the packing should not exceed _________ of the column diameter.
    (A) 1/5th
    (B) 1/15th
    (C) 1/30th
    (D) 1/50th

5. Souders Brown equation given by, U = Kv √(ρl - ρv)/ρv, is used for the calculation of the _________ in a continuous distillation column.
    (A) Diameter of the bubble cap column
    (B) Diameter of the sieve plate column
    (C) Tray pressure drop
    (D) Residence time in the downcomer for the disengagement of entrained vapor

6. At the following point for a given packing and set of fluids, the pressure drop per metre of packed height, with variation in fluid rates and operating pressure
    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remain same
    (D) May increase or decrease depending upon the solubility of the gas in the liquid

7. A certain pressure vessel manufacturer avoids doing reinforcements calculations for openings by always providing a reinforcing pad extending upto double the diameter of the opening and of the same material and thickness as that of the shell wall. If area compensation is accepted as a code guideline, his approach leads to safe design
    (A) Only if the opening is on spherical vessel
    (B) Only if the opening is on a vertical cylindrical vessel
    (C) Only if the opening is on a horizontal cylindrical vessel
    (D) Irrespective of the shape of the vessel

8. In a double pipe (concentric) heat exchanger, the hydraulic radius for heat transfer (for a fluid flowing through the annulus) would be
    (A) Same as that for fluid flow
    (B) Less than that for fluid flow
    (C) More than that for fluid flow
    (D) D2 - D1 (D1 and D2 are I.D. of inner and outer pipes respectively)

9. (Le/D) for a Tee (used as elbow, entering branch) would be
    (A) Less than that for Tee (used as elbow, entering run)
    (B) More than that for Tee (used as elbow, entering run)
    (C) Around 90
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

10. A/an _________ is used for changing the direction of a pipeline.
    (A) Elbow
    (B) Union
    (C) Flange
    (D) Disc compensator

11. Mc Cable Thiele method used for finding theoretical stages in a distillation column assumes that the
    (A) Sensible heat differences are small, because the temperature changes from tray to tray is small
    (B) Trouton's rule is applicable
    (C) Liquid/vapor loading across the column remains constant
    (D) All (a), (b) and (c)

12. Low pressure steam (with saturation temperature between 105 to 120°C) is usually used in the vacuum evaporators, which normally employ a vacuum of about _________ mm Hg (referred to a 760 mm mercury barometer).
    (A) 250
    (B) 450
    (C) 650
    (D) 750

13. Typical static submergence for bubble cap plate column operating at atmospheric pressure may be around
    (A) 2.5"
    (B) 0.5"
    (C) 5"
    (D) 50% of the plate spacing

14. Elastic failure of a material occurs, when the tensile stress equals yield strength, yield point or the elastic limit. Also, the elastic failure occurs according to maximum strain theory, when the maximum tensile strain equals (where, σ = yield strength and E = modulus of elasticity)
    (A) E
    (B) σ
    (C) σ/E
    (D) E

15. Which of the following types of reactors is the safest from operation point of view?
    (A) A vapor phase reactor
    (B) Pot type reactor
    (C) A liquid phase reactor
    (D) A liquid phase catalytic reactor

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