Stoichiometry Based Questions - Set 25 - ObjectiveBooks

Stoichiometry Based Questions - Set 25

Practice Test: Question Set - 25

1. Elements in a periodic table are arranged in order of their

    (A) Atomic number
    (B) Mass number
    (C) Atomic weight
    (D) Metallic characteristics

2. Pick out the wrong unit conversion.

    (A) 1 atm. = 760 mm Hg = 29.92 inch Hg = 14.7 psi = 1.013 bar = 1.013 kgf/cm2
    (B) 1 kPa = 100 bar
    (C) 1 mm Hg = 1 torr = 133.3 Pa
    (D) None of these

3. Unit of mass velocity is

    (A) kg/
    (B) kg/
    (C) kg/hr
    (D) kg/m2

4. A solution of specific gravity 1 consists of 35% ‘A’ by weight and the remaining ‘B’. If the specific gravity of ‘A’ is 0.7, the specific gravity of ‘B’ is

    (A) 1.25
    (B) 1.3
    (C) 1.35
    (D) 1.2

5. Degrees of freedom will be equal to the number of components for a system comprising of

    (A) Only soluble liquid components
    (B) Partially miscible two liquid components system having two phases
    (C) Two liquid components and one solute (soluble in both the liquids)
    (D) None of these

6. For an endothermic reaction, the minimum value of energy of activation will be (where, ΔH = enthalpy of the reaction)

    (A) Δ H
    (B) > ΔH
    (C) < ΔH
    (D) 0

7. The temperature at which real gases obey the ideal gas law over a wide range of pressure is called the _________ temperature.

    (A) Reduced
    (B) Boyle
    (C) Critical
    (D) Inversion

8. The average value of heat of neutralization of dilute solution of strong acids and strong bases is about ________ kcal/kg.mole of water formed.

    (A) 6680
    (B) 13360
    (C) 2481
    (D) 97302

9. The pressure under which liquid and vapor can co-exit at equilibrium is called the _________ vapor pressure.

    (A) Limiting
    (B) Real
    (C) Saturated
    (D) Normal

10. Which of the following is not a unit of length?

    (A) Parsec
    (B) Angstrom
    (C) Barn
    (D) Fermi

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