Stoichiometry Questions and Answers Quizlet - Set 24 - ObjectiveBooks

Stoichiometry Questions and Answers Quizlet - Set 24

Practice Test: Question Set - 24

1. The molar composition of a gas is 10% H2, 10% O2, 30% CO2 and balance H2O. If 50% H2O condenses, the final mole percent of H2 in the gas on a dry basis will be
    (A) 10%
    (B) 5%
    (C) 18.18%
    (D) 20%

2. A fluid gas produced on burning furnace oil contains 0.15 gm mole of CO2, 0.05 gm mole of oxygen and 0.80 gm mole of N2. What is its molecular weight?
    (A) 28.6
    (B) 30.0
    (C) 30.6
    (D) 32.6

3. ________ chart is a graph related to Antoine equation.
    (A) Ostwald
    (B) Cox
    (C) Mollier's
    (D) Enthalpy-concentration

4. Pick out the wrong unit conversion.
    (A) 1 kgf= 9.8 Newton
    (B) 1 stoke = 1 m2/second
    (C) 1 Pascal second = 10 poise
    (D) 1 ppm = 1 ml/m3 = 1 mg/kg

5. The viscosity of water at room temperature may be around one
    (A) Centipoise
    (B) Poise
    (C) Stoke
    (D) Both (b) & (c)

6. Pick out the correct statement.
    (A) Heat of solution is always positive
    (B) At equilibrium, ΔG is zero
    (C) For the reaction, PCl5 PCl3 + Cl2, ΔG is less than ΔE
    (D) The heating of water in a beaker is an example of an isolated system

7. 80 kg of Na2SO4 (molecular weight = 142) is present in 330 kg of an aqueous solution. The solution is cooled such that. 80 kg of Na2SO4 .10H2O crystals separate out. The weight fraction of Na2SO4 in the remaining solution is
    (A) 0.00
    (B) 0.18
    (C) 0.24
    (D) 1.00

8. A gas at 0°C was subjected to constant pressure cooling until its volume became half the original volume. The temperature of the gas at this stage will be
    (A) 0°C
    (B) 0°K
    (C) -136.5°C
    (D) -136.5°K

9. Clausius Clapeyron equation applies to the ________ process.
    (A) Sublimation
    (B) Melting
    (C) Vaporization
    (D) All (a), (b) & (c)

10. 500 c.c. each of hydrogen at 700 mm Hg pressure and oxygen at 600 mm Hg pressure are put together in a vessel of 1 liter capacity. The final pressure of the gas mixture will be ________ mm Hg.
    (A) 650
    (B) 700
    (C) 600
    (D) 375

11. Air at a temperature of 20°C and 750 mm Hg pressure has a relative humidity of 80%. What is its percentage humidity? Vapor pressure of water at 20°C is 17.5 mm Hg.
    (A) 80.38
    (B) 80
    (C) 79.62
    (D) 78.51

12. Pick out the wrong unit conversion.
    (A) 1 Joule = 4.186 calorie
    (B) 1 kcal = 3.968 BTU = 0.00116 kWh = 0.00156 hp
    (C) 1 ton of TNT (tri-nitro-toluene) = 4.2 GJ (1G = 109)
    (D) 1 ft.lbf= 0.3238 calorie = 0.1383 kg.m = 1.356 J = 1.356 N.m

13. The density of a gas 'X' is twice that of another gas 'Y'. If the molecular weight of gas 'Y' is 'M'; then the molecular weight of the gas 'X' will be
    (A) 2M
    (B) M/2
    (C) M
    (D) M/4

14. A car tyre of volume 0.057 m3 is inflated to 300 kPa at 300 K. After the car is driven for 10 hours, the pressure in the tyre increases to 330 kPa. Assume air is an ideal gas and Cv for air is 21 J/mole.K. The change in the internal energy of air in the tyre in J/mole is
    (A) 380
    (B) 630
    (C) 760
    (D) 880

15. Atmospheric pressure corresponds to a hydrostatic head of
    (A) 13.6 cms of Hg
    (B) 34 ft of H2O
    (C) 1 meter of H2O
    (D) 13.6 meters of Hg

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