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Stoichiometry Related Questions - Set 13

Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. A rigid vessel containing three moles of nitrogen gas at 30°C is heated to 250°C. Assume the average capacities of nitrogen to be Cp = 29.1 J/mole.°C and, Cv = 20.8 J/mole.°C. The heat required, neglecting the heat capacity of the vessel, is
    (A) 13728 J
    (B) 19206 J
    (C) 4576 J
    (D) 12712 J

2. Which of the following ratios defines the recycle ratio in a chemical process?
    (A) Gross feed stream/recycle feed stream
    (B) Recycle stream/fresh feed stream
    (C) Recycle stream/gross feed stream
    (D) None of these

3. Increasing the temperature of an aqueous solution will cause decrease in its
    (A) Molality
    (B) Mole fraction
    (C) Weight percent
    (D) Molarity

4. Cp equals Cv at
    (A) 0°C
    (B) 0°K
    (C) 0°F
    (D) 0°R

5. Cp is expressed in S.I. unit as
    (A) J/kg.°K
    (B) 0°K
    (C) W/m2.°C
    (D) W/m.°K

6. On addition of 1 c.c. of dilute hydrochloric acid (1% concentration) to 80 c.c. of a buffer solution of pH = 4, the pH of the solution becomes
    (A) 1
    (B) 8
    (C) 4
    (D) 2

7. In osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane, diffusion of the
    (A) Solvent is from low concentration to high concentration region
    (B) Solvent is from high concentration to low concentration region
    (C) Solute takes place
    (D) None of these

8. One kg of saturated steam at 100°C and 1.01325 bar is contained in a rigid walled vessel. It lias a volume of 1.673 m3. It cools to 98°C; the saturation pressure is 0.943 bar ; one kg of water vapour under these conditions has a volume of 1.789 m3. The latent heat of condensation (kJ/kg-1 ) under these conditions is
    (A) 40732
    (B) 2676
    (C) 2263
    (D) 540

9. Solutions which distil without change in composition are called
    (A) Ideal
    (B) Saturated
    (C) Supersaturated
    (D) Azeotropic

10. Raoult's law is obeyed by a __________ solution.
    (A) Saturated
    (B) Molar
    (C) Normal
    (D) None of these

11. The equilibria relations in a multi-component and multiphase system cannot be calculated with the help of the
    (A) Phase rule
    (B) Experimental data
    (C) Empirical equations
    (D) Theoretical equations

12. The heat change for the reaction, C(s) + 2S(s) → CS2(l), is 104.2 kJ. It represents the heat of
    (A) Formation
    (B) Solution
    (C) Combustion
    (D) Fusion

13. Pick out the wrong conversion formula for the conversion of weight units:
    (A) 1 tonne = 1000 kg = 22.046 lbs
    (B) 1 U.S. ton = 907 kg = 0.907 tonne = 0.893 ton
    (C) 1 ton = 2240 lbs = 1016 kg = 1.016 tonnes = 1.12 U.S. tons
    (D) None of these

14. Which of the following holds good for a solution obeying Raoult's law (i.e., an ideal solution) (where, ΔH = heat of mixing, and ΔV = volume change on mixing)?
    (A) ΔH = 1 (+ ve) and Δ V = -ve
    (B) ΔH = 0
    (C) ΔV = 0
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

15. If pH value of an acidic solution is decreased from 5 to 2, then the increase in its hydrogen ion concentration is ________ times.
    (A) 10
    (B) 100
    (C) 1000
    (D) 10000

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