Nuclear Power in Engineering Multiple Choice Questions - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

Nuclear Power in Engineering Multiple Choice Questions - Set 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. Nuclear fuel usually used in a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) is
    (A) Plutonium
    (B) Enriched uranium
    (C) Natural uranium
    (D) Thorium

2. In the gaseous diffusion process of uranium enrichment, the natural uranium is converted into gaseous
    (A) Uranium oxide
    (B) Uranium hexafluoride
    (C) Uranium carbide
    (D) Uranium sulphate

3. Atoms of U-238 and U-235 differ in structure by three
    (A) Electrons and three protons
    (B) Protons
    (C) Neutrons
    (D) Electrons

4. Enrichment of uranium is done to increase the concentration of __________ in the natural uranium.
    (A) U-238
    (B) U-233
    (C) U-235
    (D) Pu-239

5. Moderating material used in a thermal-reactor should be a
    (A) Good absorber of neutrons
    (B) Solid substance
    (C) Poor absorber of neutrons
    (D) None of these

6. A pressurized water reactor (PWR) uses pressurized water as a
    (A) Coolant
    (B) Working fluid in power turbine
    (C) Moderator
    (D) None of these

7. Which of the following radiations is the least penetrating?
    (A) α-rays
    (B) β-rays
    (C) γ-rays
    (D) X-rays

8. Critical energy should be __________ the neutron binding energy of the atom in order to initiate a nuclear fission.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) Less than
    (C) More than
    (D) Either more or less

9. __________ nuclear reactor does not require a heat exchanger to supply steam to power turbine.
    (A) Molten sodium cooled
    (B) Helium cooled
    (C) Boiling water
    (D) Pressurized water

10. Hydrogen has __________ isotopes.
    (A) No
    (B) One
    (C) Two
    (D) Three

11. A thermal nuclear reactor compared to a fast breeder reactor
    (A) Uses slower neutrons for fission
    (B) Uses faster neutrons for fission
    (C) Gives higher power density
    (D) Requires less fuel to run at the same power level

12. Which of the following is not used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?
    (A) Molten sodium
    (B) Light water
    (C) Beryllium
    (D) Boron hydride

13. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) Atoms with same number of nucleons but different number of protons are called isobars
    (B) Atoms with same number of protons but different number of nucleons are called isoters
    (C) Out of α, β, and γ-rays, the one having maximum penetration power are γ-rays
    (D) The product formed by emission of α-particle has mass number less by 4 units than the parent nuclide

14. Which one is radioactive in nature?
    (A) Helium
    (B) Deuterium
    (C) Heavy hydrogen
    (D) Tritium

15. Sodium melts (at atmospheric pressure) at a temperature of __________ °C.
    (A) 58
    (B) 98
    (C) 348
    (D) 588

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