Advanced Web Technologies MCQ - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Advanced Web Technologies MCQ - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Correct HTML tag for the largest heading is
    (A) <head>
    (B) <h6>
    (C) <heading>
    (D) <h1>

2. The following statements are about three important browser objects in JavaScript.

    I. window object : The highest of all objects in the client-side JavaScript object hierarchy.

    II. navigator object : A collection of information about the browser. Useful in browser sniffing.
    III. document object : Provides access to the document being viewed.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

    (A) Only (I) above
    (B) Only (II) above
    (C) Only (III) above
    (D) All (I), (II) and (III) above

3. Web pages starts with which of the following tag?
    (A) <Body>
    (B) <Title>
    (C) <HTML>
    (D) <Form>

4. Which of the following statements is false regarding “Cookies”?
    (A) Cookies are programs which run in the background of the web-client
    (B) Cookies have the potential of being used to violate the privacy of users
    (C) Cookies are very helpful in keeping track of users in developing online shopping cart applications, personalized portals and in advertising on web sites
    (D) Cookies cannot contain more than 4Kb of data

5. Correct HTML to left align the content inside a table cell is
    (A) <tdleft>
    (B) <td raligh = "left" >
    (C) <td align = "left">
    (D) <td leftalign>

6. Which property does one use to align text to the right side of a block-level element in Cascading Style Sheets?
    (A) Horizontal-align
    (B) Align
    (C) Block-align
    (D) Text-align

7. In ASP the function which returns an expression formatted as a date or time is:
    (A) FormatDateOrTime()
    (B) FormatDateAndTime()
    (C) FormatTimeDate()
    (D) FormatDateTime()

8. When trying to access a URL, the following message is displayed on the browser:

Server; Error 403

What could be the reason for the message?

    (A) The requested HTML file is not available
    (B) The URL refers to a CGI script and the header of the script does not indicate where the interpreter is located
    (C) The path to the interpreter of the script file is invalid
    (D) The requested HTML file or CGI script has insufficient permission

9. Which of the following statements is true regarding HTTP?
    (A) Web browsers use only HTTP as a communication protocol with servers
    (B) It does not maintain any connection information on previous transactions
    (C) It is designed to route information based on content
    (D) It refers to resources using their Universal Resource Identifier (URI)

10. Can the element <First> be replaced with <first>?
    (A) No, they represent different elements altogether
    (B) Both are same
    (C) First is correct only
    (D) First is only correct

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