HTML and Web Page Designing Competitive Exam Questions - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

HTML and Web Page Designing Competitive Exam Questions - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. _________ is a uniform naming scheme for locating resources on the web.
    (A) URI
    (B) HTTP

2. _________ is known as father of World Wide Web.
    (A) Robert Cailliau
    (B) Tim Thompson
    (C) Charles Darwin
    (D) Tim Berners-Lee

3. Identify the uses of URI in HTML.:

    (i) Link to another document or resource

    (ii) Link to external style sheet or script

    (iii) Create an image map

    (A) i and ii
    (B) i and iii
    (C) ii and iii
    (D) i , ii and iii

4. What does an HTML tag do?
    (A) It specifies formatting and layout instructions for your web page
    (B) It hides programming instructions from view
    (C) It determines the organizational structure of your Web site
    (D) It connects your web site to an operating environment

5. If you wanted to create text that was a different color or font than other text in your Web page, what type of tag would you use?
    (A) Layout
    (B) Basic formatting
    (C) Design
    (D) Outline

6. Tags and test that are not directly displayed on the page are written in ________ section.
    (A) <html>
    (B) <head>
    (C) <title>
    (D) <body>

7. Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text italic
    (A) <ii>
    (B) <italics>
    (C) <italic>
    (D) <i>

8. To create a combo box (drop down box) which tag will you use?
    (A) <select>
    (B) <list>
    (C) <input type=”dropdown”>
    (D) All of above

9. The way the browser displays the object can be modified by _________
    (A) Attributes
    (B) Parameters
    (C) Modifiers
    (D) None of above

10. Which attribute can be used with BODY tag to set background color green?
    (A) background=”green”
    (B) bgcolor=”green”
    (C) vlink=”green”
    (D) None of above

11. How can you make a bulleted list?
    (A) <list>
    (B) <nl>
    (C) <ul>
    (D) <ol>

12. What is the full form of HTTP?
    (A) Hyper text transfer protocol
    (B) Hyper text transfer package
    (C) Hyphenation text test program
    (D) None of the above

13. <TITLE> … </TITLE> tag must be within ___________
    (A) Title
    (B) Form
    (C) Header
    (D) Body

14. Using <P> tag will
    (A) Start a new paragraph
    (B) Break the line
    (C) End the current paragraph
    (D) None of the above

15. Which is not a domain name extension?
    (A) mil
    (B) org
    (C) .int
    (D) .com

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