HTML and Web Page Designing Multiple Choice Tests - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

HTML and Web Page Designing Multiple Choice Tests - Set 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. What does vlink attribute mean?
    (A) Visited link
    (B) Virtual link
    (C) Very good link
    (D) Active link

2. HTML supports
    (A) Ordered lists
    (B) Unordered lists
    (C) Both type of lists
    (D) Does not support those types

3. Choose the correct HTML tag for the smallest size heading?
    (A) <heading>
    (B) <h6>
    (C) <h1>
    (D) <head>

4. In Satellite based communication, VSAT stands for?
    (A) Very Small Aperture Terminal
    (B) Varying Size Aperture Terminal
    (C) Very Small Analog Terminal
    (D) None of the above

5. Which is true to change the text color to red?
    (D) None of the above

6. Comments in XML document is given by:
    (A) <?– _ _–>
    (B) <!_ _ _ _!>
    (C) <!_ _ _ _>
    (D) </_ _ _ _>

7. Which of the following tags are related to Table in HTML?
    (A) <table> <row> <column>
    (B) <table> <tr> <td>
    (C) <table> <head> <body>
    (D) <table> <header> <footer>

8. Which is the correct to create an Arabic numeral list?
    (A) <ul type=”1?>
    (B) <ol type=”1?>
    (C) <il type=”1?>
    (D) <li type=”1?>

9. HTML was first proposed in year _________.
    (A) 1980
    (B) 1990
    (C) 1995
    (D) 2000

10. Which of the following are attributes of Font tag?
    (A) Face
    (B) Size
    (C) Color
    (D) All of above

11. ________ is the incoming email server.
    (A) POP
    (B) SMTP
    (C) SMIP
    (D) PPP

12. A computer that translates _________ of another computer into an ________ and vice versa, upon request is known as DNS server.
    (A) Domain name and IP address
    (B) Host address and Domain name
    (C) Domain name and server address
    (D) Server name and IP address

13. For every Web document, you can add words that appear in the upper left bar area of your browser. What set of tags allows you to provide this information?
    (A) <head></head>
    (B) <head><head>
    (C) <label><label>
    (D) <title></title>

14. HTML documents are saved in
    (A) Special binary format
    (B) Machine language codes
    (C) ASCII text
    (D) None of above

15. What is the correct HTML for making a hyperlink?
    (A) <a href=””>Objective Books</a>
    (B) <a name=””> Objective Books</a>
    (C) <</a>
    (D) url=””> Objective Books

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