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HTML Questions Multiple Choice - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which statement is true?
    (A) An XML document can have one root element
    (B) An XML document can have one child element
    (C) XML elements have to be in lower case
    (D) All of the above

2. Which of the following protocol is not used in the Internet?
    (A) Telnet
    (B) WIRL
    (C) HTTP
    (D) Gopher

3. What is the use of Forms in HTML?
    (A) To display contents of email
    (B) To display animation effect
    (C) To collect user’s input
    (D) None of the Above

4. Which of following HTML Tag will inserting a line break?
    (A) <p />
    (B) <lb />
    (C) <br />
    (D) <break />

5. Is it possible to insert a table within another table?
    (A) Yes, but there must be exactly 2 rows and 2 columns in first table
    (B) Yes, table can be inserted into cell of another table
    (C) Yes, but there must be no border in second table
    (D) No, it’s not possible

6. Which of the following is correct to align H1 tag to Right Alignment?
    (A) <h1 align = “right”> …
    (B) <h1 alignment = “right”> …
    (C) <h1 tag align = “right”> … </h1>
    (D) H1 cannot make Right Alignment

7. Which tag is used to display preformatted texts?
    (A) <pre> … </ pre>
    (B) <prefor> … </ prefor>
    (C) <pre text> … </ pre text>
    (D) <pre format> … </ pre format>

8. How to embedded Audio Files in HTML?
    (A) src = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>
    (B) <embed sound = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>
    (C) <embed audio = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>
    (D) <embed music = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>

9. We can write HTML code using ________. Select appropriate option(s).
    (A) VLC Media
    (B) Notepad++
    (C) Microsoft PowerPoint
    (D) None of these

10. HTML tags are surrounded by ________ brackets
    (A) Angle
    (B) Square
    (C) Round
    (D) Curly

11. Choose the correct HTML tag to left-align the content of a cell.
    (A) <tdleft>
    (B) <td leftalign>
    (C) valign= “left”>
    (D) <td align= “left”>

12. Which of the following is correct to change font face in Web Page?
    (A) <font = “font name”> …
    (B) <font name = “font name”> … </font>
    (C) <font face = “font name”> … </font>
    (D) Font Face cannot change

13. HTML is considered as __________ language
    (A) Programming Language
    (B) OOP Language
    (C) High Level Language
    (D) Markup Language

14. Opening tag of HTML is called
    (A) Ending tag
    (B) Starting tag
    (C) Closed tag
    (D) Pair tags

15. The software that can read and render HTML documents is
    (A) Server
    (B) Compiler
    (C) Interpreter
    (D) Browser

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