MS Powerpoint Competitive Exam Questions - Set 18 - ObjectiveBooks

MS Powerpoint Competitive Exam Questions - Set 18

Practice Test: Question Set - 18

1. What are symbols used to identify items in a list?
    (A) Icons
    (B) Markers
    (C) Bullets
    (D) Graphics

2. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called
    (A) Design templates
    (B) Templates
    (C) Placeholders
    (D) Blueprints

3. You can embed a Microsoft Word tale in a slide by
    (A) Clicking the insert new slide button on the standard toolbar, then double clicking table
    (B) Clicking the insert Microsoft word table button on the formatting toolbar
    (C) Clicking the insert Microsoft word table button on the standard toolbar
    (D) Both ‘A’ and ‘C’

4. Which of the following format options should be used to display dollars on an axis?
    (A) Normal
    (B) Percentage
    (C) Currency
    (D) Comma

5. The maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 4
    (D) 5

6. You can show the shortcut menu during the slide show by
    (A) Clicking the shortcut button in the formatting toolbar
    (B) Right clicking the current slide
    (C) Clicking an icon on the current slide
    (D) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

7. A chart can be put as a part of the presentation using
    (A) Insert -> Chart
    (B) Insert -> Pictures -> Chart
    (C) Edit -> Chart
    (D) View -> Chart

8. Which type of font is best suitable for large amount of text?
    (A) Serif fonts
    (B) Sans serif fonts
    (C) Text fonts
    (D) Picture fonts

9. To start Microsoft PowerPoint application
    (A) Click on Start >> Programs >> All Programs >> Microsoft PowerPoint
    (B) Hit Ctrl + R then type ppoint.exe and Enter
    (C) Click Start >> Run then type powerpnt then press Enter
    (D) All of above

10. Which command will you use in PowerPoint if you need to change the color of different objects without changing content?
    (A) Design Template
    (B) Color Scheme
    (C) Font Color
    (D) Object Color

11. To insert slide numbers
    (A) Insert a text box and select Insert >> Page Number
    (B) Insert a textbox and select Insert >> Number >> Page Number
    (C) Choose Insert >> Slide Number
    (D) Insert a new text box and select Insert >> slide Number

12. To add a Header/Footer in Handout
    (A) View -> Page Setup
    (B) View -> Header/Footer
    (C) View -> Handout Master
    (D) None of Above

13. What is the shortcut key for repeat the recent find?
    (A) CTRL + F4
    (B) SHIFT + F4
    (C) CTRL + F5
    (D) SHIFT + F5

14. In Normal view, this tab displays the content of each slide.
    (A) Slides
    (B) View
    (C) Sort
    (D) Outline

15. This task pane shows the design that is currently being used in a presentation.
    (A) Slide Show
    (B) Slide Style
    (C) Slide Design
    (D) Slide Format

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