Software Engineering MCQ Online Test - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Software Engineering MCQ Online Test - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. The rapid application development model is
    (A) Same as component-based development
    (B) A useful approach when a customer cannot define requirements clearly
    (C) A high-speed adaptation of the linear sequential model
    (D) Same as incremental model

2. Black box testing is also called
    (A) Specification-based testing
    (B) Structural testing
    (C) Verification
    (D) Unit testing

3. Domain Engineering in CBSE is to
    (A) Identification of components
    (B) Catalogue reusable components
    (C) Domain modeling
    (D) All the above

4. The tools for computing critical path and project completion times from activity networks is/are

    I. CPM.

    II. DRE.

    III. FP.

    IV. PERT.

    (A) Both (I) and (III) above
    (B) Both (I) and (IV) above
    (C) Both (II) and (IV) above
    (D) Both (II) and (III) above

5. Identify, from among the following, the correct statement.
    (A) One of the main challenges Software Engineering facing today is the requirement of most software systems to work with a multitude homogenous systems
    (B) ‘Legacy systems’ are custom developed software systems for the legal domain
    (C) Software does not wear-out in the traditional sense of the term, but software does tend to deteriorate as it evolves
    (D) Since software is essentially ‘intangible’ it is relatively easy to manage software projects

6. Prototyping is appropriate for
    (A) Data-oriented applications
    (B) Applications with emphasis on the user interface
    (C) Applications which are highly interactive
    (D) All of the above

7. Views of quality software would not include
    (A) Optimizing price and performance
    (B) Minimizing the execution errors
    (C) Conformance to specification
    (D) Establishing valid requirements

8. Software measurement is useful to
    (A) Indicate quality of the product
    (B) Track progress
    (C) Assess productivity
    (D) All of the above

9. Which tests are designed to confront the program with abnormal situations?
    (A) Recovery testing
    (B) Security testing
    (C) Stress testing
    (D) Performance testing

10. To be an effective aid in process improvement the baseline metrics used must be
    (A) Based on reasonable estimates from failed projects
    (B) Measured consistently across projects
    (C) Drawn from large projects only
    (D) Based only on successful projects

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