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Software Engineering MCQ Question and Answer

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. An example of the risk involved in software development is
    (A) Key personnel may resign before the product is complete
    (B) The manufacturer of critical components (e.g. the hardware associated with a real-time system) may go bankrupt
    (C) Technology changes may render the product obsolete
    (D) All of these are risks involved in software development

2. Internal costs include
    (A) Developers salaries
    (B) Managers and support personnel salaries
    (C) The cost of overheads such as utilities, rent and senior managers
    (D) Materials (such as manuals) and services such as travel

3. The aim of software engineering is to produce software that is
    (A) Fault-free
    (B) Delivered on time
    (C) Delivered within budget
    (D) All of these are the aims of software engineering

4. What are the factors to be considered when planning a software development effort?
    (A) Performance, Problem, Product, Planning
    (B) People, Problem, Product, Process
    (C) People, Problem, Productivity, Performance
    (D) People, Problem, Product, Portability

5. Symptoms of the software crisis would include
    (A) Software delivered behind schedule
    (B) Software exceeding cost estimate
    (C) Difficult to maintain
    (D) All of the above

6. Which among the following measures how strongly the elements within a module are related?
    (A) Coupling
    (B) Cohesion
    (C) Aggregation
    (D) Inheritance

7. Which is not involved in software development process?
    (A) People
    (B) Problem
    (C) Practice
    (D) Process

8. Which of the following is not an area of concern in the design model?
    (A) Architecture
    (B) Data design
    (C) Interfaces design
    (D) Project scope

9. Coupling is a qualitative indication of the degree to which a module
    (A) Can be written more compactly
    (B) Focuses on just one thing
    (C) Is able to complete its function in a timely manner
    (D) Is connected to other modules

10. Which of the following is true for a thin-client?
    (A) Processes application logic
    (B) Performs data management task
    (C) Places heavy processing load on the server
    (D) Makes use of processing power of the client

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