Software Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers pdf - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Software Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers pdf - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What do you call, when the elements of a module, all operate on the same data?
    (A) Functional cohesion
    (B) Temporal cohesion
    (C) Procedural cohesion
    (D) Communicational cohesion

2. Read the following paragraph and identify the correct statement.

“Imagine that you were recently hired as a software engineer to a company that specializes in aircraft navigation control software. While orientating yourselves to the company’s work practices, you observe that they in fact do not conduct a few tests that they should in order comply with the relevant safety standard. When you inquire about this from the project manager, he dismisses it saying that those tests unnecessary (and takes an unreasonably long time to conduct, as well as being superfluous) and that they have managed with the other so long, without any problems.”

    (A) You should immediately resign from the company and file a complaint with the relevant standard institution
    (B) You should do nothing and let the matter slide
    (C) Although you are new to the company, and you hardly know anything about the internal processes and politics, you should insist on company changing its work practices immediately; failing which you threaten to report the matter
    (D) Since you are new to the company, and you are unfamiliar with the internal processes and politics, you should first find-out more about issue and its background

3. Which of the following items should not be included in the software project management plan?
    (A) The techniques and case tools to be used
    (B) Detailed schedules, budgets and resource allocations
    (C) The life cycle model to be used
    (D) None of the above

4. A design is said to be a good design if the components are
    (A) Strongly coupled
    (B) Weakly cohesive
    (C) Strongly coupled and weakly cohesive
    (D) Strongly cohesive and weakly coupled

5. Work that continues throughout the project and does not relate to any specific phase of software development is termed a(n)
    (A) Milestone
    (B) Project function
    (C) Activity
    (D) Task

6. Which of the following is a life-cycle concern?
    (A) Testing
    (B) Portability
    (C) Programming
    (D) Planning

7. In choosing a development life-cycle model, one would consider the
    (A) Development Group Expertise, Problem Characteristics, User Expectations
    (B) Languages, Development Schedule, Competition
    (C) System Context, User Population, Platforms
    (D) Organizational Structure, User Tasks, Performance Criteria

8. A systematic approach to software development, as epitomized by the various life-cycle models, is useful in
    (A) Helping us understand the nature of the software product
    (B) Convincing the customer that we know what we are doing
    (C) Filling texts on software engineering
    (D) Managing the various activities necessary to get the job done

9. What do you call when two modules are coupled, when they communicate via a composite data item?
    (A) Content coupling
    (B) Common coupling
    (C) Control coupling
    (D) Stamp coupling

10. How does a software project manager need to act to minimize the risk of software failure?
    (A) Double the project team size
    (B) Request a large budget
    (C) Form a small software team
    (D) Track progress

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