Software Engineering MCQ Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Software Engineering MCQ Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. The software life cycle can be said to consist of a series of phases. The classical model is referred to as the waterfall model. Which phase defined as “The concept is explored and refined, and the client’s requirements are elicited?”
    (A) Requirements
    (B) Specification
    (C) Design
    (D) Implementation

2. In the maintenance phase the product must be tested against previous test cases. This is known as _________ testing.
    (A) Unit
    (B) Integration
    (C) Regression
    (D) Module

3. The relationship between a derived class (or subclass) and base class is referred to as
    (A) Association
    (B) Inheritance
    (C) Polymorphism
    (D) Instantiation

4. In the classical chief programmer team approach, the team member responsible for maintaining the detailed design and coding is
    (A) The chief programmer
    (B) The programming secretary
    (C) A specialized function that exists outside ‘the team’
    (D) The individual coder (i.e. programmer)

5. The advantage of following the IEEE Standard for drawing up a Software Project Management Plan (SPMP) – see IEEE Standard 1059.1
    (A) It is drawn up by representatives from major software development organizations
    (B) It is designed for all types of software products
    (C) It is a framework that can be used irrespective of process model or specific techniques
    (D) All of the above

6. What is the essence of software engineering?
    (A) Requirements Definition, Design Representation, Knowledge Capture and Quality Factors
    (B) Maintaining Configurations, Organizing Teams, Channeling Creativity and Planning Resource Use
    (C) Time/Space Tradeoffs, Optimizing Process, Minimizing Communication and Problem Decomposition
    (D) Managing Complexity, Managing Personnel Resources, Managing Time and Money and Producing Useful Products

7. What are the major activities of the spiral model of software engineering?
    (A) Planning, Risk Analysis, Engineering, Customer Evaluation
    (B) Defining, Prototyping, Testing, Delivery
    (C) Requirements
    (D) Quick Design, Build Prototype, Evaluate Prototype, Refine Prototype

8. Which of the following projects would be a good one for adopting the prototyping paradigm for software development?
    (A) Accounting System
    (B) Spreadsheet
    (C) Automobile Cruise Control
    (D) Algebra Tutor

9. A process view in software engineering would consider which of the following
    (A) Product performance
    (B) Staffing
    (C) Functionality
    (D) Reliability

10. Which of the following is not a description of planning?
    (A) Planning is used to find credible ways to produce results with limited resources and limited schedule flexibility
    (B) Planning is finding new personnel resources to support labor intensive development
    (C) Planning is identifying and accommodating the unforeseen
    (D) Planning is negotiating compromises in completion dates and resource allocation

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