Software Engineering MCQ with Answer - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Software Engineering MCQ with Answer - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. With regard to Evolutionary development, identify the correct statement.
    (A) Evolutionary development usually comes in two flavors; Exploratory development and throw-away prototyping
    (B) Very large projects are natural candidates for an evolutionary development based approach
    (C) Exploratory development is used in situations where most of the requirements are well understood in advance
    (D) One of the strong points of evolutionary development is that it facilitates easy project management, through the high volume of documentation it generates

2. If a control switch is passed as an argument this is an example of __________ coupling.
    (A) Content
    (B) Common
    (C) Control
    (D) Stamp

3. In Intermediate COCOMO the mode that represents complex products is referred to as
    (A) Embedded
    (B) Semidetached
    (C) Organic
    (D) Multiplicative

4. Software engineering is the systematic approach to the
    (A) Development of software
    (B) Operation of software
    (C) Maintenance of software
    (D) All of the above

5. In planning a software project one would
    (A) Find ways to produce results using limited resources
    (B) Pad the schedule to accommodate errors
    (C) Overestimate the budget
    (D) Structure the team to prevent administrative interference

6. Empirical estimation models are typically based on
    (A) Expert judgment based on past project experiences
    (B) Refinement of current project estimation
    (C) Regression models derived from historical project data
    (D) Trial and error determination of the parameters and coefficients

7. Which configuration objects would not typically be found in the project database?
    (A) Design specification
    (B) Marketing data
    (C) Executable code
    (D) Test plans

8. Software Engineering:
    (A) Is a set of rules about developing software products
    (B) Has been around as a discipline since the early 50’s
    (C) Started as a response to the so-called ‘Software Crisis’ of the late 90’s
    (D) Is an engineering discipline concerned with all the aspects of software production

9. A simple way of looking at the spiral software life-cycle model is as a waterfall model with each phase proceeded by
    (A) Build-and-fix
    (B) Freezing
    (C) Synchronization
    (D) Risk analysis

10. The best way to test the Software Project Management Plan (SPMP) is by
    (A) Prototyping
    (B) Inspection
    (C) Simulation
    (D) Compilation

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