Web Page Designing Exam Questions MCQ - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

Web Page Designing Exam Questions MCQ - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. Marquee is a tag in HTML to
    (A) Mark the list of items to maintain in queue
    (B) Mark the text so that it is hidden in browser
    (C) Display text with scrolling effect
    (D) None of above

2. Tags and test that are not directly displayed on the page are written in _________ section.
    (A) <html>
    (B) <head>
    (C) <title>
    (D) <body>

3. What is the full form of TCP/IP?
    (A) Transmission control protocol / internet protocol
    (B) Telephone call protocol / international protocol
    (C) Transport control protocol / internet protocol
    (D) None of the above

4. <SCRIPT> … </SCRIPT> tag can be placed within __________
    (A) Header
    (B) Body
    (C) Both A and B
    (D) None of the above

5. Which of the following are commonly found on web pages?
    (A) Internet
    (B) Hyperlinks
    (C) Intranet
    (D) All of the above

6. Who invented World Wide Web (WWW)?
    (A) Blaise Pascal
    (B) Charles Babbage
    (C) Herman Hollerith
    (D) Tim Berners-Lee

7. Which of the following is incorrect regarding Logical styles?
    (A) Code looks like teletype
    (B) Sample looks like teletype
    (C) Keyboard looks like teletype
    (D) Variable looks like teletype

8. HTML document is saved using _________ extension.
    (A) .htl
    (B) .html
    (C) .hml
    (D) .htnl

9. A _________ is a symbolic name a network administrator assigns to a machine.
    (A) URL
    (B) DNS
    (C) IP address
    (D) Host name

10. WSFTP is an example of _________ program.
    (A) FTP
    (B) Telnet
    (C) Web browser
    (D) Mail

11. When you use a heading tag in a document, what does the Web browser assumes?
    (A) Heading information is to appear in bold letters
    (B) Heading information is to appear on its own line
    (C) Heading information has a hyperlink
    (D) Heading information is shown as a size six

12. Choose the correct HTML tag for the smallest size heading?
    (A) <heading>
    (B) <h6>
    (C) <h1>
    (D) <head>

13. Which attribute is used with img tag to display the text if image could not load in browser?
    (A) description
    (B) name
    (C) alt
    (D) id

14. What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?
    (A) <br>
    (B) <lb>
    (C) <break>
    (D) <newline>

15. <TD> … </TD> tag is used for __________
    (A) Table heading
    (B) Table Records
    (C) Table row
    (D) None of the above

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