Chemical Reaction Engineering Importance Solved Online Test - Set 33 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Reaction Engineering Importance Solved Online Test - Set 33

Practice Test: Question Set - 33

1. From Arrhenius law, a plot of loge K versus 1/T gives a straight line with a slope of (-E/R). The unit of E/R is
    (A) k cal
    (B) k cal/°K
    (C) °K
    (D) k cal. °K

2. Effective diffusivity (DE) in a catalyst pellet is related to molecular diffusivity (DN) and Knudsen diffusivity (DK) as
    (A) DE = DM + DK
    (B) 1/DE = 1/DN + DK
    (C) DE = DM . DE
    (D) DE = DN/DE

3. During manufacture of H2SO4, the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 by oxygen is an endothermic reaction. The yield of SO3 will be maximized, if the
    (A) Temperature is increased
    (B) Pressure is reduced
    (C) Temperature is increased and pressure is reduced
    (D) Temperature is reduced and pressure is increased

4. Which of the following is not a chemical step in a fluid solid catalytic reaction?
    (A) Surface chemical reaction
    (B) Adsorption
    (C) Desorption
    (D) None of these

5. An isothermal irreversible reaction is being carried out in an ideal tubular flow reactor. The conversion in this case will __________ with decrease in space time.
    (A) Increase
    (B) Increase exponentially
    (C) Decrease
    (D) Remain unchanged

6. The half life period of a first order reaction is
    (A) Always the same irrespective of the reaction
    (B) Dependent on initial concentration of the reactants
    (C) Proportional to the initial concentration of reactants
    (D) Half the specific rate constant

7. The most suitable reactor for carrying out an auto-thermal reaction is a
    (A) Batch reactor
    (B) CSTR
    (C) Semi-batch reactor
    (D) Plug-flow reactor

8. Conversion increases with increase in temperature in case of a/an __________ reaction.
    (A) Autocatalytic
    (B) Irreversible
    (C) Reversible endothermic
    (D) Reversible exothermic

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